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Black Friday, the ultimate shopping extravaganza, is now one of the most eagerly awaited shopping events in Australia. With shoppers gearing up for unbeatable Black Friday deals, businesses need to prepare not only for increased sales but also for delivering exceptional customer experiences. One often-overlooked aspect of this preparation is packaging. In this article, we'll explore the importance of packaging during Black Friday in Australia and how businesses can ensure they have their packaging needs sorted well in advance before Novemeber 24th, 2023. Whether you're in the e-commerce space or have a brick-and-mortar store, custom packaging solutions and personalised packaging can make a significant difference in your Black Friday success.

The Significance of Packaging During Black Friday

The Black Friday Australia Phenomenon

Black Friday, falling on Friday 24th November this year in 2023, marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season in many parts of the world. It's a day when retailers offer massive discounts, and consumers rush to grab the best deals. While it began in the United States, it has now spread its wings globally, including Australia. Australians eagerly await this day to score incredible deals, both online and in physical stores to cut down costs on their end of year festivities shopping list.

The Role of Packaging in Black Friday Success

Packaging is often seen as a functional aspect of a product's journey, but during Black Friday, it takes on added importance. It can be the first touchpoint between your brand and the customer, leaving a lasting impression. Well-designed and customised packaging can enhance the unboxing experience, make your brand memorable, and even encourage repeat business. In the competitive landscape of Black Friday deals, packaging can set your brand apart and create a positive, lasting impact.

Why Packaging Matters During Black Friday

First Impressions: During Black Friday, competition is fierce. Shoppers are bombarded with brands getting in as early as possible to showcase their significant deals and offerings. Your packaging can be the first thing they see and touch. A well-designed package can make them pause and take notice. This sale may the first purchase from a newly acquired consumer, so it is important to make the time to make a good impression. 

Unboxing Experience: Many customers today share their unboxing experiences on social media. If your packaging is attractive and unique, it's more likely to be shared, providing free user-generated content for your brand.

Brand Identity: Packaging is an extension of your brand identity. It should reflect your brand's values and aesthetics. Consistent branding across packaging and products builds brand recognition and trust.

Customer Retention: Great packaging doesn't just attract new customers; it retains existing ones. Customers who have a positive unboxing experience are more likely to return for future purchases after shopping your Black Friday Australia Deals.

Sustainability: In an environmentally conscious world, eco-friendly packaging can be a selling point. Don’t forget to use Black Friday as an opportunity to use sustainable options can attract environmentally aware consumers.

Ensuring Your Packaging is Black Friday Ready

Custom Packaging Solutions for a Unique Touch

One way to make your brand stand out during Black Friday is by investing in custom packaging solutions. Tailored to your brand's identity, these packages can include unique designs, colours, and branding elements that leave a strong impression on customers. When they receive a package that feels exclusive and personalised, it can create a sense of value and excitement.

So, you may be thinking, where can I find the best Black Friday deals on custom packaging in Australia? NEON packaging has a range of quick turnaround custom packaging solutions that you will be able to get organised before November 24th, 2023. For your instore packaging, you can design a Custom premium paper bag with your logo or specific brand design and for those brands who are purely ecommerce, don’t forget to order custom printed self-locking mailing boxes with the complimenting custom tissue paper and customised ribbon.

Personalised Packaging Australia: Making Customers Feel Special

In today's market, customers appreciate personalisation. Personalised packaging goes beyond just slapping a logo on a box. It involves tailoring the packaging to each customer's preferences, using their name, or even offering custom messages. This level of personalisation can create a deep connection between your brand and your customers, fostering loyalty and increasing the likelihood of word-of-mouth referrals. A great example that brands are doing with their eCommerce deliveries, and what will be a great stand out point during Black Friday is a personalised DL slip, often with a handwritten sentiment, stating who packed the order and thanking the customer for their order.

Paper Bags for Black Friday Shopping

Sustainability is a growing concern for consumers, and Black Friday sales is no exception. Eco-friendly paper bags are an excellent choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint during this shopping frenzy. Particularly, with the ban on all lightweight plastic shopping bags- paper bags are your best bet for having your instore packaging ready for the chaos of Black Friday. Packaging suppliers such as NEON packaging can assist your brand in securing cost-effective Kraft Paper Bags for your Black Friday sales.

These bags are not only recyclable but also send a strong message about your brand's commitment to sustainability, which resonates with eco-conscious shoppers. For the extra element of customisation, you can also have your logo or branding printed onto your Kraft Paper Bags using soy-based inks – ensuring that your bags are as sustainable as possible yet premium.

Black Friday Packaging Discounts for Australian Businesses

Check our  Black Friday Shopping Guide in 2023, look for packaging suppliers and manufacturers offering special Black Friday discounts. Many packaging suppliers in Australia, such as NEON packaging provide significant savings on packaging materials during this period, allowing you to optimize your expenses whilst also insuring your preparedness for Black Friday Sales.

Packaging as Marketing: Your Black Friday packaging can serve as a powerful marketing tool. Consider printing promotional codes or QR codes on your packaging to encourage repeat business or drive traffic to your website. Your packaging is also 

Packaging for Different Product Types: If your business offers a variety of products, consider having different packaging designs for each category. This not only enhances the customer experience but also makes it easier for customers to identify products quickly.

Testing and Quality Control: With the increased volume of orders during Black Friday, it's crucial to have rigorous testing and quality control processes in place for your packaging. Ensure that all packaging materials are up to standard and can withstand the demands of high-volume shipping.


As Black Friday approaches in Australia, it's crucial to understand that packaging is not merely a functional necessity but a powerful tool for enhancing your brand's image and creating memorable customer experiences. It is important that on top of all the preparation and chaos in the lead up to Black Friday that you take the time to ensure you will have the not only enough instore and eCommerce packaging, but that it is also representative of your brand. By leaving your packaging to the side, you may risk having to secure emergency packaging that doesn’t align to your brand. As discussed above, custom packaging solutions, personalised packaging, eco-friendly options, cost-effective bundles, and strategic marketing on your packaging can all contribute to your Black Friday success.

By preparing your packaging in advance and taking advantage of Black Friday packaging discounts, your business can ensure it's ready to shine during this shopping extravaganza. Don't forget to keep an eye out for upcoming packaging deals with NEON packaging, so you can secure the best possible packaging with a discount.

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