The Role of Gift Box Packaging for Memorable Gifting Experiences

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Many people enjoy giving gifts but sometimes making gift wrap choices can be time-consuming. But, before the recipient of a gift gets to the present, the first thing they see is the wrapper or box that contains the item. This is why we cannot take gift containers for granted.

The receiver’s first impression towards our gift is why we should choose the gift box carefully.

This blog post discusses how to choose the right packaging, how to create unique gift boxes, and the benefits of using these boxes.

Types of Gift Box

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Traditional Gift Boxes

These are plain gift boxes with magnetic closure and often come in one colour with a luxurious semi-matte finish, perfect for gifting and reuse as home storage. Diverse kinds of gifts can be placed inside - from candles to small food items.

Custom Branded Gift Boxes

This kind of gift packaging will elevate your branded unboxing experience. With this type of unique presentation, you’re not simply giving a gift, you are giving love because it can be designed depending on how you want to communicate to the receiver.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a box

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It’s important to choose that matches your gifts or products. It can be disappointing to receive a gift that was prepared carelessly. As a small business, we know it’s important to use the perfectly-sized packaging for your products. Your choice of packaging can have a strong effect on how your customers perceive you.


Packaging plays a role in how a small business communicates to its target market. With NEON's premium magnetic box range available in 5 colours, there's a box for every product or brand.

These boxes are adaptable to various occasions. They can be used for corporate gifting, PR or real estate hampers and engagement gifts.


Our magnetic boxes are available wholesale so you can save big on essential premium packaging for your small business. We offer competitive wholesale pricing and bulk order discounts.

Whether you need boxes for small trinkets or larger items, NEON Packaging offers a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. This allows you to choose containers that are appropriate for the size and type of gift you're giving.


“Actions speak louder than words.” while the act of giving gifts is heartwarming, you can make it more sincere that reflects your feelings. A simple message or attractive printed design on the box shows that you took the time to plan the whole experience.

In small business, the unboxing experience impacts customer loyalty. If your gift box creates a memorable experience, it can help increase customer loyalty to your brand.


Imagine selling a 10oz candle but using a box that can fit only a maximum of 7oz. It will make for an ill-fitted package that will probably have tears even before the customer opens it. If it’s not torn before being opened, they may struggle to remove the candle from the box. As a small business owner, your customers must have a positive experience with their order, so it’s important to match the packaging’s sizes to your products.


In NEON Packaging, we are aware of the growing problems connected to waste and irresponsible consumerism. This is why our products are made of recyclable materials that can be reused and repurposed in many different ways.

By choosing to use a present box, we help reduce the waste buildup and land pollution. Empty gift boxes can be reused for the next event or as part of the household’s storage.


Let’s say you’re planning a surprise and want your gift on time. When you buy gift boxes from NEON Packaging, we have delivery timeframes for different kinds of orders and our delivery service is available to most Australian locations.

We can guarantee that our delivery takes utmost care and they will arrive to you in pristine condition.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Box

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Know your recipient

The best starting point when designing your present box is to think about their interests and hobbies. This way you can come up with a design that triggers their happiness.

A packaging that aligns with the recipient's interests is more likely to be appreciated and enjoyed. For example, giving gifts to children requires some knowledge of what they're interested in. If your nephew likes LEGO, consider customising your box by printing it with LEGO figures.

Choose quality packaging

Gift-giving is a way that people show their appreciation for others. NEON Packaging’s black box embodies sophistication with its semi-matte finish and magnetic enclosure. The quality of the packaging can significantly enhance the presentation of the gift.

Fathers and husbands love a fantastic shaver. If you choose a flimsy box for an electric razor gift kit you’re selling for Father’s Day, it could be damaged before it gets to its destination. A well-fitted box will ensure the product doesn't shift around during shipment and will keep it safe until delivery.

Product packaging for special product sales helps make your clients’ day more special. It’s important that you are part of their happiness on that occasion and the best way to show up is by choosing secure gift boxes.

Focus on Presentation

There are many ways to create attractive gifts with simple materials. Create a contrast between the box and the gift by adding some honeycomb-shaped hex wrap. It beautifies and protects the items inside the box. Aesthetics and functionality for the win!

Add a personal note

I love giving and receiving notes. The thought of someone pouring their heart out through a simple message makes me see their intentions clearer and makes me like them even more. If writing a letter intimidates you, try writing two-liner messages like: “We’ve been friends for 10 years! I look forward to more craziness with you!” Those two lines will surely make your friend chuckle.


When choosing packaging, it's a good idea to look for sustainable packaging options made from renewable, reusable, or recyclable materials. This will show you and your brand's commitment to sustainable practices in a memorable way.

To ensure the packaging you're purchasing is sustainable, it's important to check the supplier's website for any certifications they have. Here at NEON, we are a member of the Australasian Bioplastics Association and are FSC Certified. This means that indicated products are proven to be made with sustainable practices and materials, and can be safely recycled.

Plan Ahead for Delivery

Here at NEON, we're committed to providing the best shipping available. Deliveries within Sydney Metro will be delivered within 3 days of your order dispatch.

Schedule your bulk orders in advance so you can get your bulk gift boxes in time for sales events or replenish your packaging stock to avoid delayed shipments to your customers.

Benefits of using Present Boxes

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Gift-buying is already a time-consuming task. Make your preparation less stressful by using a hamper box or cardboard boxes for gifting. They come in various sizes and shapes, making it easy to find the perfect box for any gift item.

Expresses Thoughtfulness

Custom boxes can help your brand by creating thoughtful hampers that your customers can order and have delivered to their loved ones. This is helpful for people who live far from their relatives and family members but want to send something special on important events. With low minimum order quantities, they are perfect for small businesses who want to impress their customers with a premium unboxing experience.

Memorable Experience

Our gifts sometimes serve as souvenirs and contain strong connections to memories. Carefully choosing will ensures that your gift or product will be part of someone’s fond memories.

Small businesses can incorporate the advocacy of reusing sustainable products with NEON Packaging’s 100% recyclable gift box packaging. In some cases, the gift box itself becomes a keepsake that customers treasure long after the contents have been used.

Encourages Creativity

Choosing it allows for creativity enables the giver to think outside the box (pun intended!) and come up with unique and innovative ways to present the gift.

If you are a small business selling video game products, you can make your product more appealing to avid gamers by using custom-printed that feature popular game characters.

Sustainable Gifting Option

Many traditional packaging materials, such as plastic and styrofoam, contribute to pollution and harm ecosystems. Sustainable gift packaging helps reduce pollution by using materials that break down naturally or can be easily recycled, minimising the release of harmful chemicals and pollutants into the environment.


The role of gift box packaging extends far beyond being a mere container; it serves as the first impression, setting the stage for memorable gifting experiences. By carefully considering factors such as the recipient, occasion, budget, personalisation, sustainability, and delivery, we can elevate the act of gift-giving to a thoughtful and meaningful gesture.

Personalised gift boxes add a special touch to the gifts or product hampers you’ll be making. It shows thoughtfulness towards the recipient and occasion. For small businesses, customised gift boxes offer convenience and encourage creativity, giving you room to tailor the gift box presentations to suit your customer’s styles and tastes.

Incorporating sustainable gift box options aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility, reducing waste and pollution while promoting conscious consumption. By prioritising sustainability, we not only contribute to a healthier planet but also inspire others to adopt eco-friendly practices.

The ideal gift box captures the emotions behind the gift. For small businesses, the gift box you choose should give customers a memorable unboxing experience that helps them love your product and business even more. This helps grow your brand through their positive feedback and loyalty.