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How Tissue Paper Can Improve Your Customer Experience

Jun 21, 2021Louise Edgecombe

Simple tissue paper can make an impact for eCommerce brands.

It’s the simple things that make a big difference. You’ve probably heard this piece of wisdom expressed in many different contexts: personal style, parenting, gift-giving, hospitality, and more. What about packaging?

Well, here’s some insight that has been backed up by research: Using tissue paper in your packaging offers a dramatically better experience for customers. Without the experience of shopping in person, unboxing or unwrapping a product bought online is an essential interaction with a brand. And humble tissue paper can take that interaction from forgettable to joyful.

Great customer experiences have a positive effect on brand loyalty and reach. Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful; if you can harness it with your choice of packaging, you can increase sales and grow your business.
All that from tissue paper? You got it. Simple, but effective.

The PROVEN benefits of tissue paper wrapping

The superpowers of tissue paper were researched in a study by Package inSight in partnership with Seaman Paper. Over 90 days, the study looked into the facial expressions of people opening packages they received—packed with custom tissue paper wrapping and infill. Another group received packages with other infill materials like void-fill paper or air pillows.

Essentially, they measured the positive emotions of each recipient to figure out which type of material sparked joy. And the results showed that pretty tissue paper was miles ahead. Here’s a summary of the findings that will be of interest to any eCommerce business:

  • 84% of customers self-reported that tissue paper improved their experience. Now that’s a lot of positive vibes!
  • This positive experience led them to be much more likely to share the product via social media. Free advertising, anyone?
  • Customers who experienced tissue paper packaging felt the brand was of higher quality compared with the same products packaged with other forms of infill.
  • And the cherry on top: tissue paper also significantly raised the perceived value of the product wrapped with it. Now that’s a nice boost to your marketing!


Using tissue paper for wrapping and filling in eCommerce packages has significant benefits. Not only does it make the unboxing experience more exciting and joyful for the customer, but it makes the product seem more valuable and of a higher quality. When it comes to eCommerce packaging, simple things make a big difference!

The rewards of creating a positive unboxing experience are not just in the customers feeling good about their purchase. This isn’t just an exercise in warm fuzzies for customers and street cred for your business. There are real, tangible benefits to designing better eCommerce packaging solutions.

If you can encourage even a small percentage of customers to share their excitement at receiving your product on their social media channels, you’re getting some effective and valuable advertising—free of charge. They’re also likely to recommend your business in conversation to family and friends, providing word-of-mouth advertising which is considered to be one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Cost-effectiveness is a prime consideration when you’re first starting out with your eCommerce business, but considering the overall unboxing experience for your customer can reward you with brand loyalty and social media sharing. This study shows that packing your product in tissue paper can have great results for your brand.

Is Acid Free tissue paper recyclable?

This question is another big one for many modern eCommerce companies, as sustainability becomes a big concern for businesses and consumers (and it’s right on!). Not only is it important to the future of the planet, but eco-friendly packaging can build upon the positive marketing effects outlined above. Many of your customers are increasingly focused on living more sustainable lives and keeping waste out of landfills. Taking the steps to become more eco-friendly with your packaging solutions will make a difference to your customers.

Acid-Free Tissue paper is recyclable and biodegradable, making it a better eco-option than other packaging infill materials like air pillows or styrofoam. It can be used as infill in place of plastic and for wrapping items like garments—making for a pretty, protective, planet-friendly package.

Ready to take your brand to the next level? Start simple and use tissue paper for wrapping and filling your packages. We have a range of Acid-Free Tissue Paper available that will make your product stand out and make a positive impression on your customers—check out  the NEON collection!

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