Custom Premium Paper Bags

Elevate your brand with Custom Printed Premium paper bags! Our paper bags are made with 250gsm paper and are available in White or Black. Print in full colour and white to display your brand in style! These bags feature innovative woven paper handles that are recyclable and comfortable to hold. Our gift bags can be paired with our Custom Tissue Paper to create the ultimate gifting or retail experience.


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Our custom branded premium paper bags are designed to elevate your retail or gifting experiences. Featuring innovative woven paper handles for a comfortable grip, these bags are 100% recyclable. High quality digital printing and a matte finish make these bags perfect for luxury products and gifting.

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Small businesses need creative a cohesive brand image. A sustainable way to show customers your brand identity is to use paper bags to highlight your logo and branding, which will draw customers to your business. 

NEON Packaging’s Custom Branded Premium Paper Bags can help create a memorable shopping or gifting experience for your customers.

Build Brand Consistency

Paper bags have become an essential component of cohesive branding. They seamlessly integrate with your overall brand strategy, enhancing visibility and reinforcing your brand identity in everyday scenarios.

For small businesses, branded paper bags offer a cost-effective way to create a unified brand experience across various touchpoints. Incorporating your company’s logo and design into these high-quality paper bags ensures that your branding remains consistent, from online presence to in-person interactions. This continuity strengthens brand recognition and fosters customer loyalty, encouraging repeat business.

These matte-finish paper bags complement your premium products and elevate your brand’s image. They provide a luxurious shopping experience, combining style and durability to hold items like clothing, shoes, and accessories easily. Ensure your customers leave a lasting impression, carrying your brand wherever they go.

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Here at NEON, we use strong 250 GSM paper to ensure a premium quality bag appropriate for retail and gifting. The bags are available in small, medium, and large and all sizes come in black or white. 

These paper bags feature strong woven paper handles that are both comfortable to hold and 100% recyclable to give your customers or recipients a premium and sustainable experience.

Free Delivery for Sydney Metro

We deliver our packaging products across Australia and offer free delivery to Sydney Metro on orders over $100! We also offer click-and-collect from our Ingleburn warehouse, available from 9 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. 

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Can I print on both sides of the bag?

Yes, we can print on both sides. 

What kind of finish do the bags have?

Our premium paper gift bags have a matte finish.

What finishing touches can I add to my custom-branded paper bags?

Enhance your product presentation by using NEON's Custom Printed Tissue Paper alongside our paper bags to strengthen your brand's visual identity.

How are the bags delivered?

These bags are delivered flat-packed.