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A Touch of Elegance with Magnetic Gift Boxes

Elevate your gifting experience with our premium packaging option. These elegant boxes feature a sleek black design with a semi-matte finish that exudes sophistication. The strong closure on the box not only adds a touch of luxury to your gifts but also ensures the contents are securely enclosed. Whether you're presenting high-end products, bridesmaid gifts, or corporate gift hampers, these boxes provide an exceptional unboxing experience. The best part? They are reusable as stylish home storage.

The Allure of Magnetic Boxes

They are more than just packaging; they're a statement of style and substance. The closure not only makes for a satisfying unboxing but also keeps your precious gifts safe. Our sleek black are available in various sizes, making them versatile for different occasions. From small tokens of appreciation to larger presents, these boxes add an extra layer of allure to your gifts.

Luxurious Magnetic Closure

Luxury meets practicality with this packaging option. It offers a premium feel with their semi-matte finish and strong magnetic seal. Whether you need just a few or many, the low minimum order quantity allows you to infuse luxury into your gifting experience without breaking the bank. Delivered flat-packed, they are easy to assemble and can be custom branded to enhance your brand recognition.

Versatile for Every Occasion

This packaging option comes in various sizes to suit a wide range of occasions. From small and delicate to larger and more extravagant, they add an element of surprise and sophistication to your gifts. The strong magnetic closure ensures that your presents are not just visually appealing but also well-protected.

Elevate Your Gifting Game In Australia

In Australia, gift-giving is a cherished tradition. Elevate your gifting game with our magnetic gift box packaging that is designed to impress. These boxes are not only stylish but also practical, fitting perfectly inside our self-locking mailing boxes for added protection during shipping.

Small Gift Boxes with Big Impact

Size doesn't diminish the impact of your gifts when they come in our small boxes. These boxes are perfect for those special tokens of affection or appreciation. Their semi-matte finish and strong closure ensure that even small gifts make a big impression.

Sustainable Gift Boxes in Cardboard

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our cardboard boxes. This eco-friendly packaging provides an excellent alternative while still maintaining a sense of style and luxury. With the option to customise and brand these boxes, you can showcase your commitment to sustainability and style simultaneously. Save up to 15% per unit with bulk orders, making it a cost-effective choice for eco-conscious businesses.


Q: Are magnetic boxes eco-friendly?
A: Absolutely, they are eco-friendly, crafted from recyclable materials to minimise environmental impact.
Q: What are the benefits of magnetic closure?
A: They offer both security and elegance, ensuring your gifts are well-protected and visually appealing, while adding convenience.
Q:Are you supposed to wrap decorative gift boxes?
A: They are designed to stand out on their own, but you can add personal touches like ribbons or bows for extra charm.
Q: Are your prices wholesale?
A: Yes, we offer competitive wholesale pricing, with discounts for bulk orders, making our products cost-effective for all.
Q: For boxes with ribbon, can I change the colour?
A: Certainly, you can customise ribbon colours to match your branding or personal style, creating a unique look for your gifting.