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Boost your Brand with Customised and Premium Packaging

The pandemic-related restrictions may be lessening, but the trend toward online shopping over brick-and-mortar browsing shows no signs of stopping.

Here’s the good news. As eCommerce becomes more and more popular, brands are being presented with an immense opportunity to engage, excite, and impress their customers and even potential customers.

Packaging is an extension of your product, a billboard, and a very targeted ad. Chosen and designed correctly; it will delight your buyers. It will convey your brand personality and values. And often, if you really get it right, it will spread beyond that one person to their friends, family, and social media networks. Unboxing videos are popular for a reason, and that reason is partly the product itself and partly the premium—often custom or personalised—packaging experience.

Quality is crucial

One of the benefits that packaging has over billboards or digital media as a marketing tool is that it is tangible and interactive. Your online customers will have your packaging in their hands and for many, it will be the first physical impression they get of your brand and product. It’s important to make it count!

While the cost of custom printed packaging may seem more expensive than the unbranded options, once you factor in the marketing costs of traditional printed materials like billboards, posters, printed product promotions or paid digital advertising, t real cost savings often become apparent. The sheer number of packages passing through multiple pairs of hands on their way to the destination can offer impressive reach and boost brand awareness.

Because customers will interact with your packaging, premium products are noticed and impactful. The difference between thick, high-quality embossed cardboard (like these premium magnetic gift boxes) and thin, printed cardboard is stark—and this quality gap applies across all aspects of packaging, from ribbons to mailers to filler. Discerning customers will know the difference and compare it with other online purchases.

Quality can’t be faked when people will have your packaging in their hands. And surveys have shown that up to 61% of consumers are more likely to re-buy a luxury product if it came in premium packaging.

●	A special personalised gift box filled with party fundamentals for a friend’s birthday trip adds excitement to the experience

Customised and personalised

Customising your packaging to your brand is another essential piece of the puzzle if you want to take full advantage of the marketing opportunity it presents. In fact, customised packaging is expected for high-end products—quality on its own is often not enough.

If you’ve ever watched an unboxing video, you’ll know that the ultimate packaging is sturdy, multi-layered, and beautifully branded to convey a sense of the company’s personality. Your packaging is your opportunity to imprint your logo, slogan, and colour scheme on the minds of the customer and anyone they share it with.

Personalised packaging takes customisation to another level. This means including an element that’s personalised to the specific customer, whether that’s a note, sticker, or some other detail. While this is perhaps more complicated for larger-scale operations, many smaller online retailers are taking advantage of their ability to add personal touches to their packaging to increase the appeal and experience for their customers. And of course, any company using influencers to market their products will create a personalised and premium unboxing experience to be shared on their social media channels. Personalisation can be used selectively and sparingly.

In 2018, Packaging Innovations and ThePackHub commissioned a study identifying the core benefits of personalised packaging. These included increasing customer engagement by 87.9% and increasing brand awareness by 86.1%—numbers that will impress any marketing professional or small business maker. We mentioned in a previous blog post a study that found 40% of online customers would share an image of their purchase on social media if it arrived in memorable packaging.

Infusing brand values

One of the reasons that custom, premium, and personalised packaging is so powerful is that it can elicit an emotional response or connection. Packaging that elicits positive emotion from a customer will boost their awareness of and fondness for a brand. They will also be more likely to share the experience and the product with their circles.

Putting your brand’s personality and values on display via your packaging can create or strengthen this emotional connection. Sustainability, for example, is an issue increasingly dear to many conscious consumers. If you can convey your passion for sustainability not only with the aesthetics of your packaging but with the design of it as well (think compostable mailers, elegant custom printed gift boxes that can be repurposed for storage, recyclable acid free tissue paper over plastic infill), you will make an impact with your brand through greener marketing  and make your customers feel that your brand is aligned with their values.

There are plenty of creative ways to infuse your brand personality into your packaging. Printed tissue paper that adds a chic protective wrap to your product, neatly tied ribbon with custom designs, printed stickers, and personalised notecards. From friendly and playful to moody and evocative, artsy to elegant, your brand’s vibes should be apparent before the package is even opened.

Lowest minimum order quantity for premium packaging

At NEON, we believe premium packaging ideas can be accessible to all makers and small businesses, whatever your order size. Our custom printed boxes have a low minimum order, so you can delight your customers with your packaging design even if you are just sending out small quantities of orders each month. 

Our custom packaging collection has been launched recently to offer an array of possibilities for branding. It includes premium packaging boxes such as our magnetic gift boxes in five trendy colours, custom printed tissue paper, and satin ribbons. Beautiful packaging ideas are within reach (and budget) and can make the difference to your brand. We custom print at our Sydney warehouse and save you from fretting about overseas postal delays when placing your order.

With the lowest minimum order quantity for customised tissue paper for packaging in Australia and quick turnaround time on the locally-printed products, NEON is a fantastic option for makers and SMBs, whether you’re about to launch a one-off marketing event or special product run.

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