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What are the Key benefits of Eco-Friendly packaging?

Aug 12, 2022Louise Edgecombe

What is eco-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging is any type of packaging made from sustainable and recyclable materials. The production involves use of a variety of substances that have minimal impact on the environment. While promoting environmental friendliness, eco-friendly packaging also offers businesses visibility in their chosen industry.

The wide-spread use of eco-friendly packaging will help to reduce the production and use of harmful chemicals and substances, particularly plastic products. The more sustainable packaging boxes is used, the more awareness can spread and ideally reduce the cost of creating such packaging.

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What makes packaging eco-friendly?

One of the essential elements in becoming eco-friendly is the application of green practices. This includes the completeness of specific factors that make a product environmentally friendly, such as:

  • Reusability – Durable products that can be reused is the ultimate goal in eco-friendly packaging. By being able to reuse products, we can reduce the production of toxic chemicals and materials.

    There’s much more to sustainability than the materials used in making eco-friendly packaging. For example, eco-friendly mailing boxes are considered sustainable because of their capacity to be of good use even hundreds of times.
    • Cost-effective – Eco-friendly alternatives must be available at a reasonable cost. While the ultimate goal is the preservation of the environment, these materials must be made affordable before they can fully replace existing products. A cheap, durable alternative will be endorsed globally and encourage business to make a good choice for the environment.
    • Truthfulness – Businesses must not greenwash. This is a deceptive form of marketing in which companies attempt to sell their products and services as environmentally friendly without having products that truthfully back this claim.

      Before purchasing from a company who is claiming to be eco-friendly, do your own research. Seek information from third parties that are not directly associated with the company or their marketing strategies. If their claims have no evidence to back them up, then perhaps it is wise not to purchase from them.

      Businesses primarily focus on reviews and reactions from their target market. While it is important to satisfy customers with sustainability plans and programs, it is essential that only truthful statements are made.

    Compostable Mailers

    Benefits of eco-friendly packaging

    There are many benefits to using eco-friendly alternatives for packaging and shipping. The below are our top five reasons why you should consider making the switch:

    • Reduce carbon footprint - Carbon footprint refers to the number of greenhouse gasses that are being released into the environment and atmosphere because of human activity. Choosing eco-friendly packaging to reduce the weight and size of packages will make shipping more efficient and will reduce the number of emissions overall. Often eco-friendly products use natural products in the manufacturing process, which reduces the amount of harmful chemicals and waste.
    • Biodegradable & Compostable - What's special about environmentally friendly packaging is that it decomposes much faster than traditional plastics, completely degrading within a year compared to the decades it takes plastic. Compostable materials give nutrients back to the earth, and biodegradable materials break back down into their natural components if the right environmental factors are met. Check out NEON’s compostable mailers; they help prevent the buildup of plastic materials in landfills and breakdown in the backyard after only 6 months, leaving the soil fresh and full of nutrients for a happy garden.
    • Reduce Plastic Manufacturing - Eco-friendly solutions replace traditional plastic options, which reduces the amount of plastic that is being created. The more businesses that make the switch, the sooner we can get back on track and help repair the damage caused to the environment.
    • Non-Toxic - Traditional plastics are not only causing damage to the environment, but also to worldwide health. Synthetic and chemical materials are used in the creation of plastics, which creates opportunity for poor health in both people and animals. Eco-friendly alternatives use less harmful processes for creating products.
    • Business Growth - One of the misconceptions about eco-friendly packaging is that consumers don’t care about it. However, surveys say that 60 to 70% of consumers are willing to adapt to this new trend and become agents of a greener environment. Businesses should take this opportunity to grow and reach a wider audience while supporting the environment. If the business supports the environment, the consumers will support the business.

    Why shop with us?

    Here at NEON Packaging, we aim to help businesses transition to more sustainable options for their packaging and shipping materials. Our vast collection of products includes self-locking cardboard mailing boxes, compostable mailers, premium magnetic gift boxes, and diamond protect hex wrap. We also help promote your brand by customising our eco-friendly packaging with your logo or branding!

    So, what are you waiting for? Shop with us today!

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