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NEON Packaging's Guide to Ordering and Designing Custom Boxes

Personalising your gift boxes makes them more attractive and memorable. Custom boxes also help corporations and small businesses boost the visual appeal of their product hampers to enhance brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Our comprehensive guide to ordering and designing custom boxes will help you maximise the potential of custom packaging for your business.

Where to start

The general rule of thumb before placing an order for printed boxes is to determine the size and amount of items you will be including. You also need to double-check the occasion or event when you’re preparing gift boxes.

Already have your design ready to go?

If you have your measurements, product and event details, and packaging design completely confirmed, you can now send us your logo or design to print on the internal and external sides of the lid.

Printing a carefully chosen design on your gift box will help align your hamper with the occasion being celebrated. It also shows that you took time to prepare your present boxes.

Types of boxes

Print your logo in the gift box.jpg__PID:a22f48f8-a34f-44df-a47b-90aa0e9891ed

NEON Packaging has several boxes designed to fit your gifting and business needs. These boxes are available in many sizes and colours, making it easy to find the box that suits your requirements.

Premium Magnetic Gift Boxes

Our plain magnetic gift boxes have a semi-matte finish and strong magnetic lock. They give a sleek presentation to your gifts while ensuring security. They are also reusable as storage, making it an eco-friendly gifting option.

To ensure that we meet your need for business packaging or events, our premium magnetic gift boxes can be personalised with your logo or slogan to make your presentation more attractive.

Self-locking Mailing Boxes

Size-matched to our magnetic packaging boxes, these self-locking mailing boxes are made from recyclable corrugated cardboard and protect your products from being damaged during shopping.

High definition (HD) digital printing

Here at NEON Packaging, we use sharp and vivid digital printing to ensure that your design stands out and makes a strong impression on your customers. When provided with high quality images, we can ensure the print is as crisp as possible. This premium HD finish will provide your customers or recipients with an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Box measurements and quantities

Our boxes’ dimensions are provided in the product description. They are measured in centimetres and follow a length, width and height (LxWxG) sequence. Sizes range from small to extra large with different colours.

NEON’s custom-printed boxes have low minimum order quantities (MOQ), so whether you are a business owner or maker, you can order according to your needs.

Print file best practices

Our design and product team want to give you premium quality personalised boxes, so we prepared a concise but comprehensive checklist of things to check before sending us your preferred design.

Convert to CMYK

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black). These are the four main colours used in all printing. If your file is in RGB (red, green, blue) digital format, your colours will be dull, so converting your file to CMYK and making appropriate adjustments will ensure your image is printed crisp and colour accurate!

Font requirements

Here at Neon, we use 8-point and bold fonts for printing. We allow coloured text but it should not exceed two colour combinations from the CMYK spectrum to reduce misregistration. Larger fonts are always easier to print and appear clearer, so avoid using small sized fonts where possible. Following this guide for fonts ensures that your text fits perfectly within the lid.

Follow NEON's file guide

For the best outcome, follow the following guidelines when creating your artwork:

1. Ensure that your artwork maintains a clear space of 20mm for Small and Medium sizes, and 40mm for Large and XL sizes, between the edge of the design and the edge of the box.

2. Accepted high-resolution image formats include AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, JPG, and PNG.
Order Custom Boxes in Three Easy Steps
1. Choose your desired box size and colour then Add to Cart.

2. Upload your logo or artwork for the lid using the ‘Choose File’ button. If you have additional files or need to make amendments, please email us at along with your order number.

3. You can expect to receive digital proof via email within 1-2 days for your approval before we proceed with printing the gift boxes.
Unforgettable Unboxing
Everyone deserves a luxe unboxing experience and NEON’s custom boxes provide posh and secure packaging. Pair it with our high-quality printing, you get a gift box that will give your customers a memorable unboxing experience that will make them appreciate your business even more.

We also have Acid-free paper and Hex wrap to make your presentation more creative while ensuring that your products are not damaged during transit or distribution.

Customer creations

NEON Packaging’s custom-printed boxes allow customers to bring their ideas to life. Printing a logo or slogan helps the brand gain more recognition and communicate its values to old and new customers alike.

They can also use our self-locking mailers for added protection when shipping their items. The mailers are size-matched to our premium magnetic boxes. This way, the quality and durability of their items are maintained and make a good first impression upon unboxing.

Lead times

NEON takes pride in the premium quality of our custom-printed boxes. Please give us 5-7 working days from date of ARTWORK APPROVAL (not the order date) for the print to be completed. Please allow 2-5 business days for shipping or contact us to arrange for pickup at our office in Ingleburn.

Great product and great service

NEON Packaging’s self-locking mailers are eco-friendly to minimise environmental impact. Our custom-printed magnetic gift box comes with a magnetic closure that gives high visual appeal while ensuring your items are well-protected.

You can add decorations like satin ribbons, and acid-free tissue if you want to make your gift boxes more attractive. The ribbons and tissue are available in several colours to match your theme.


A quick start guide to custom boxes

 Why Custom Printed Gift Boxes are the Perfect Way to Show You Care.jpg__PID:48f8a34f-54df-447b-90aa-0e9891ed092f

Custom boxes are a practical way to prepare wedding favours, corporate giveaways premium hampers, and PR boxes. You can choose the size to fit the quantity of products you’ll be including inside the box. It is also helpful for small businesses who want to widen their reach and increase their customer base. Using custom boxes for products make it more presentable and appealing, giving customers a good impression of your brand.

NEON Packaging’s magnetic boxes can be converted to home storage. Using reusable and recyclable packaging reduces waste and shows that your company makes an effort to promote sustainability.

Ready to design your own box?

Let your packaging speak for your brand by printing your business’s logo and slogan. To ensure timely receipt of your print order, please note the following steps: Upon artwork approval, allow a processing period of 5-7 working days for your print to be completed. Additionally, plan for 2-5 business days for shipping, or coordinate pickup at our Ingleburn office.

Should your order include multiple items, they will be shipped together with your prints. If you prefer a split shipment, kindly reach out to us to make the necessary arrangements or consider placing a separate order.

Begin with a colour combination or pattern

Still undecided on a design? Explore different colour combinations to remove the monotony of a monochromatic box. You can pair a black box with peach or pink ribbons or a mint green magnetic box with white acid-free tissue paper.

Our premium customisable magnetic gift box comes in six colours, four colours for acid-free tissue paper, and five colours for satin ribbons. That’s a lot of colour combiantions!

However, if you want more vibrancy, patterns are an attractive design. You can explore checkered, animal print or striped patterns to make your gift box stand out from the rest.


NEON Packaging offers a comprehensive solution for businesses and individuals who want to enhance their gift box packaging. Custom boxes add a personal touch and act as powerful marketing tools for retail and e-commerce brands.

By following NEON's guide, customers can order and design custom boxes tailored to their specific needs. From selecting the right box type and size to ensuring high-definition printing and incorporating creative designs, we simplify the entire process.

Our dedication to quality and efficiency ensures that you receive premium products with a speedy turnaround time. We want to empower businesses and individuals to make a lasting impression through personalised packaging solutions, creating memorable unboxing experiences and reinforcing brand identity.