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NEON Packaging Partners Portal

NEON Partners Portal is a powerful end-to-end packaging management solution that is designed for multi-location brands. This portal is designed to simplify the in-store and eCommerce packaging ordering process. NEON PORTAL is availablefor businesses who spend over $30,000 annually on eCommerce and retail packaging materials.

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Portal Benefits

The NEON Partners Portal is the perfect tool to help manage packaging stock levels across multiple locations. It's easy to use and learn with excellent data collection and reporting built into the system.

NEON has successfully partnered with Harvey Norman, CUE, Veronika Maine, Westfield, and others to deliver a seamless packaging restock experience.

Monitor Packaging

Head office can easily monitor packaging use between locations. Stock levels and which franchises are restocking can easily be viewed with the Portal.

Comprehensive Reporting

Excellent reporting tools and data can be accessed from within the Portal.

Location Specific Accounts

Each location, such as store, concession, or franchise, can have its own resupply account.

If you think the Partners Portal is right for your business, or you have any questions, please submit an enquiry in the form below or email us at and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.