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Compostable Void Filler Cushion

SKU: NE000333
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These compostable air cushions are the perfect alternative to plastic bubble wrap. Compatible with our machine, these cushions are easy to use and will break down in your backyard compost.

Size (HxWxL)

ONE SIZE:  20cm x 10cm x 200m


  • Made from certified PBAT compostable material
  • Alternative to single-use plastic
  • 25 microns thick  
  • Compatible with air cushion machine

How to Store

These compostable air cushions must be stored in a cool dry area. Please note that this material can expire, so please check the expiry date before inflating.


  • Australia: Home Compostable AS 5810~ABAP 20100
  • Compostable AS4736~ABAP 10197