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Diamond Protect Hex Wrap - Brown

SKU: NE000356


NEON's brown diamond protect hex wrap is the perfect plastic-free alternative to bubble wrap. The unique honeycomb design stretches and interlocks with itself to protect your products in the mail. 

Sizes (WxL) 

ONE SIZE: 50cm x 200m


  • 200m unstretched
  • 350m+ when stretched
  • 80gsm
  • Honeycomb cut for ultimate padding
  • 100% recyclable
  • FREE cardboard dispenser
  • Stretch & tear, no scissors required


What makes hex wrap better than bubble wrap?
Our hex wrap is 100% paper so you can use as much as you need, guilt free!

How do I use it?
Simply set up the FREE dispenser as pictured and pull the hex wrap through the opening!

How hex wrap do I get?

Each roll of brown hex wrap is 200 metres long. When stretched out, it will reach over 350 metres!