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Kraft Mailer - Large

SKU: NE000495
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Our large kraft paper mailing satchels are made with high-quality kraft paper. This paper satchel features two seals, making it easy to reuse for returns. These satchels are recyclable, so they're the perfect alternative to single use or compostable plastics.

Sizes (LxWxH+Flap)

ONE SIZE: 40cm x 40cm x 10cm + 10cm
(external measurements)


  • 200gsm
  • Perforated rip tag
  • Two sealing strips for easy customer returns
  • 100 units/carton
  • Durable & water resistant
  • Perfect for documents & lightweight retail goods such as clothing


How big are the kraft paper satchels inside?
They measure 40cm x 40cm x 10cm, with a 10cm flap for sealing.

How do the two seals help with returns or reuse?
The first seal is used by you when you ship the item. The customer will use the perforated rip tag to open the satchel. If the item needs to be returned, the customer can put the item back inside the satchel and use the second sticky tab to seal it.

Are these satchels eco-friendly?
Yes, they're made of recyclable kraft paper, making them a more eco-friendly option than single-use or compostable plastics.

What can I ship in these satchels?
They're great for mailing documents or lightweight items, such as clothing or jewellery.