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Cardboard Box - Large

SKU: NE000501
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These large cardboard boxes are delivered to you flat-packed and easy to assemble. Lightweight and sturdy, these boxes are manufactured locally in Australia from responsibly sourced and recyclable materials. Use these extra large cardboard boxes for shipping, storage, or when moving house.

Sizes (LxWxH)

ONE SIZE: 43.2cm x 30.5cm x 30.5cm
(internal measurements)


  • Single-wall B-flute (3mm) cardboard
  • Delivered flat-packed & easy to assemble
  • Made with responsibly sourced materials
  • Manufactured locally in Australia
  • Perfect for shipping, storage, and moving house
  • Recyclable
  • Wholesale
  • Low MOQ


How are these large boxes good for shipping and storage purposes?
These large boxes have plenty of space with their internal dimensions of 42.2cm wide, 30.5cm deep, and 30.5cm high. Along with sturdy and lightweight cardboard, this makes them perfect for storage when not in use, and for shipping and storing items or merchandise.

Where are these cartons manufactured, and what are they made from?
These cartons are manufactured locally in Australia from single-wall B-flute (3mm) cardboard, ensuring the boxes are strong, yet lightweight.

What are the minimum order requirements for these boxes?
These boxes are available for wholesale purchase with the low low minimum order quantity of 25, making them accessible to small businesses and sole traders.

Can these large boxes be reused or recycled after their initial use?
Yes, these cartons are designed to be used multiple times before being 100% recycled.