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White Double Premium Paper Wine Bag

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Elevate your wine gifting with our white double wine bags. With a matte finish & woven paper handles for a stylish and comfortable grip, these wine bags are a perfect eco-friendly solution for gifting, retail, or wineries.

Size (HxWxGusset)

ONE SIZE: 39cm x 18cm x 9cm
(external measurements)


  • 230gsm paper
  • 400gsm cardboard base
  • Japanese fold base
  • Woven paper handles
  • Fits 2x wine bottles
  • Delivered flat-packed & easy to assemble
  • Semi-matte finish
  • Reusable
  • Low minimum order requirements


How many wine bottles fit inside the gift bag?
Two (2) wine bottles fit comfortably in this size.

What are the handles made of?
The handles are made from woven paper. The unique weave ensures the handles are strong enough to hold the weight of the bottles while still being comortable to hold and 100% recyclable.

What is a Japanese fold?
A Japanese fold is where the base of the bag folds in half to rest inside the bag. This means both sides of the bag are crease-free, unlike regular gift bags, which gives a more premium feel.

Can I buy these wine bags in bulk?
You can! These bags are available for bulk purchase on our website.