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Self-Locking Bottle Mailing Boxes White

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These kraft white bottle mailing boxes offer great protection for your delicate wine and spirit bottles in the mail. Made from FSC-certified cardboard, these cardboard wine bottle mailing boxes are 100% recyclable and are perfectly sized to fit most liqueur bottles.

This product is FSC Certified, which means that all materials used to make it are responsibly sourced. Learn more about our FSC certification and policies here.

Sizes (LxWxH)

ONE SIZE: 41.5cm x 12.5cm x 13.5cm
(internal measurements)


  • FSC Certified
  • Delivered flat-packed & easy to assemble
  • Secure self-locking design
  • B-Flute cardboard
  • 100% recyclable
  • Wholesale
  • Low MOQ


How do these white bottle mailing boxes protect wine and spirit bottles during shipping?
These boxes are designed to only just fit most wine and spirit bottles. With a little extra padding from our diamond protect hex wrap, the bottles don't have much room to move inside the box which prevents breakage.

What does FSC Certification mean for these cardboard wine bottle mailing boxes?
FSC Certification guarantees that the cardboard used in these mailing boxes is responsibly sourced. It ensures sustainable and ethical practices have been followed throughout the production process. Click here to learn more about our FSC certification.

Are these cardboard wine bottle mailing boxes recyclable?
Yes, these boxes are 100% recyclable, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability. After several uses, the boxes can be recycled in your yellow bin at home.