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Present boxes are like treasure chests - they hold gifts and excitement. The contents may vary from simple items to elegant products, but the box is an important part of the gift-giving experience as it’s the first thing that the receiver sees.

This blog post will share ten creative gift box ideas to give your customers a memorable and exciting experience!

1. Use Cute Designs For The Box Cover

For businesses focused on family services like baby care or maternal health products, a gift box featuring baby shower designs that show your commitment to taking care of mothers and infants.

NEON Packaging’s customised gift boxes allow you to print high-quality images of your choice on the internal and external lids of the gift box.

2. Choose Colours to Match your Brand

Colour psychology plays a role in how we choose the brands that we buy from. If your business specialises in women’s beauty products, our Neon Pink or Mint Green custom gift boxes provide you with attractive and reusable packaging. If your niche is in men’s haircare, we also have premium magnetic gift boxes in blue or black for that masculine theme.

However, if you prefer to choose simple colours like white, you can include a contrasting colour using our Acid-free Tissue that is available in four colours.

3. Add your Company Logo

A wine or dessert company is usually identified by their logo. You can print your company’s logo on the box cover to ensure that it’s the first thing your customer sees upon receiving the box. If you offer many products, you can use symbols alongside your logo to help introduce your brand to new customers.

4. Share your business values or slogan

Different organisations have different goals. If there’s a message or motto that you want to share with your customers, print it out! To ensure that your advocacy comes across clearly, have your motto printed on the external lid of our gift packing box. 

NEON Packaging’s sharp and vivid digital print will make your motto stand out wherever you ship your products.

5. Classic and timeless with Satin Ribbons

Ribbons are multipurpose and adapt to various events. For corporations that handle holiday gifting, our satin ribbons can give a classic look needed for holiday events. There are five colours available ensuring that we can match any theme you have.

6. Add Tissue Paper for Luxury

Tissue improves the gift-giving experience. It can help make a positive impact on your brand when you use tissue fillers in your mini gift boxes. Aside from beautifying your gift box or corporate hamper, the tissue also protects the products during transit. 

NEON Packaging’s acid-free tissue paper is available in four colours and 100% biodegradable. The materials used for our tissue do not deteriorate as easily as regular toilet paper. You may also add our diamond protext hex wrap for protection.

7. Size Matched Mailing Boxes

Who said you could only use one box? NEON’s self-locking mailers are size matched to our premium magnetic boxes. You don’t have to worry about your products being damaged in the mail.

The mailers come in plain and pastel colours so no matter the business niche you’re in, you can choose the box that will best represent your company.

8. Go for Holiday Themed when needed

Tailor your gift boxes to specific themes or occasions. Whether it's a seasonal theme like Christmas or a cultural celebration, customising the packaging to reflect the occasion adds a personal touch. No need for wrapping paper. We can print your theme design on the box cover. That way, your gift boxes can be reused for the same occasion.

9. Choose Sustainable Packaging

Make an impact by using the present boxes that are biodegradable and reusable. 

NEON Packaging is a member of the Australasian Bioplastics Association and is FSC Certified. Our products are made with sustainable practices and materials and can be safely recycled.

10. Dual-Purpose Gift Box Packaging

Choose gift boxes that can be repurposed later on as home storage or organiser. Our gift boxes are durable and recyclable. They do not easily get damaged and can serve other purposes in the household or office setting.


A creative present box helps companies and retailers give their customers a pleasant unboxing experience. Custom gift boxes are highly ideal for businesses because they give you a chance to explore different designs and presentations. 

Additionally, utilising sustainable packaging demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and provides a unique selling point for your products. Whether through dual-purpose packaging or thoughtful design choices, the presentation of your gift boxes can elevate your brand and strengthen customer relationships.

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