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Did you know that your packaging is a silent salesperson? It helps potential customers decide to buy your product.

Modern consumers are more aware of the importance of the material used to make packaging and try to support brands who make an effort to use eco-friendly gift boxes.

This blog post will help your business stay ahead in terms of packaging design by discussing what’s hot and what’s in packaging design this 2024.

What’s Hot in Packaging Design this 2024

Lesser Plastic for Lesser Waste

The packaging industry is expected to explore more plastic-free alternatives this year. More consumers prefer sustainably made boxes and bags because it means that their purchases will not result in added waste and pollution.

An ingredient expected to be popular in 2025 is biomaterial. This refers to natural materials like sugarcane, potato starch or cornstarch used as the primary component for packaging instead of petroleum-based elements.

The growing awareness of our environmental problems plays a major role in advocating for biodegradable and reusable gift boxes and bags.

Interactive Packaging

Almost every business nowadays wants their packaging to be more value-driven and communicative. Through interactive packaging, customers can understand the vision for your product or service. If you are a snack company, using boxes that can be repurposed as a game or puzzle turns your product into a fun experience - snacking while playing!

Tech-augmented Packaging

Some businesses want to tell their story in a manner that doesn’t take attention away from their products.  One effective way to do this is to integrate QR codes into your products that take your customers on a virtual journey on how they started their business and where they are now.

With NEON Packaging’s vivid and sharp CMYK printing, we can print your brand’s QR code on our customised bulk gift boxes. Augmented packaging can help you build a deeper connection with customers by sharing more about your brand.

Powerful Pastels

If you’re wondering why pastels are popular, it’s because of their versatility. You can use a monotone pastel colour if you want a minimalist aesthetic for your brand. But if you want an eye-catching combination, you can mix pastels with other colours.

NEON’s customisable gift boxes and self-locking mailers are available in pastel colours to accommodate retailers and eCommerce businesses who specialise in products or services that use soft but vibrant hues.

Sleek and Sophisticated Finishes

Businesses that manufacture luxe products will benefit most from using sleek and sophisticated gift hampers and PR boxes. Lately, there has been a growing emphasis on maintaining simplicity to emphasise sophistication.

Our personalised magnetic boxes come in a semi-matte finish, just exactly what you need for a luxe presentation that makes your high-end products more appealing to your target market.

To further personalise your luxe customised box, consider adding a personalised note that we can print for you using our swing tags that are available in 3 kinds of paper.

What’s Not Hot in Packaging Design this 2024

Non-sustainable packaging materials

Sticking to plastics or non-reusable packaging can affect how customers perceive your brand. You may give off the impression of a business that is unwilling to make sustainable efforts.

Many of NEON’s gift box packaging options are sustainable. Select self-locking mailers are FSC Certified, and our premium present bags are all 100% recyclable.

Too much hype

Loud colours and oversized symbols are not as effective as it was before. People prefer simple and straightforward packaging designs that allow them to get to know your brand on a personal level.

Aside from high-quality packaging, customers prefer businesses that don’t rely on excessive design to endorse their products. Over-branding your PR and gift boxes may drive away potential customers because it comes off as inauthentic.

Unoriginal Concept

With everyone being online most of the time, people will be able to quickly notice if you follow a certain brand’s packaging style and design. You will just be another brand in the sea of businesses.

There are many ways to stand out using your packaging. You can use your business's logo, slogan or a unique pattern for your boxes. Try to explore different ways to incorporate shapes and colours to come up with an authentic design.

Our printing service ensures that you stand out in the retail and eCommerce scene by providing crystal-clear images on your wholesale gift boxes. We print on the internal and external parts of the lid, ensuring that your brand’s concept will be understood well by customers.

Single-use containers

Gift boxes and bags that can be used only once are now seen as additional waste - exactly what people are trying to avoid. Many businesses are choosing reusable options for packaging.


Huge changes are happening in the packaging industry as there is more emphasis on 

sustainability, interactivity, and authenticity. The demand for eco-friendly alternatives such as biomaterials and biodegradable options is steadily growing since consumers are more conscious of making eco-friendly decisions. 

Keeping tabs on trends and trying which ones can help your business is a good way to start sustainable practices. It also improves a brand’s image and help you connect more with customers.

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