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Custom Bridesmaid Gift Box

Sep 30, 2022Taylor Downs

Bridesmaid gift box is a beautiful gift for friends and family to join you celebrate the union of two hearts. Weddings are not, however, just about that one glorious day; there’s the engagement party, bridal shower, kitchen tea, hen’s and bucks night, and soo much planning.

There is no better way to ask those closest to you to join your wedding part or thank them for their loving help and support than with a personalised gift box. These boxes are currently a fashionable and memorable way to show your appreciation, and to create treasured memories of some of the most important milestones in your life.

White wedding gift box with gifting items inside.

Now what should these boxes contain? Whether you are trying to create a unique bundle to offer your customers, or are a bride looking for the perfect gifts, here are our top 5 suggestions to inspire you.

1. Matching Dressing Gowns or Robes

Beautiful matching dressing gowns or robes are a must on the morning of the wedding. They allow the bridal party to get their hair and makeup done without risk of damaging or dirtying the dresses, and create an amazing opportunity for photos!

2. Personalised Mugs or Wine Glasses

Who doesn’t love a cup with their name on it? A personalised mug or wine glass is the perfect way to enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, or wine while getting ready on the big day!

3. Tea or Mini Champagne

You can’t give a cup without a beverage, so be sure to include a fancy tea or mini champagne to match your custom mug or glass.

4. Perfume

Add the perfect final touch to the ensemble with the perfect perfume to boost the confidence of your bridemaids.

5. Skincare essentials

Show your bridesmaids how much they mean to you with some of your favourite skincare essentials. A light, sunscreen infused moisturiser, glowing skin oil, gua sha stones, and lip balm will all help relax your beautiful bridesmaids in the morning so they’re ready for the long day ahead.

Why Offer Wedding or Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Boxes?

Pink wedding gift boxes with flowers

As a small business, bundling your products together can enhance the online shopping experience and help guide your customers to a decision. Here are our top 3 reasons you should offer wedding or bridesmaid small gift boxes as a small business:

1. Relieve Decision-making Pressure

By offering collections of items, you take the pressure off online decision making. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they are not overwhelmed by too many choices.

2. Enhance the online shopping experience

Customisable offers create a fun shopping experience for your customers. Bundling your products makes them more appealing to the customer as you’ve selected products you believe will suit their needs, and will likely result in more consistent sales.

3. Returning customers

Customers will return if they feel you have their best interests at heart. Combined with a simple checkout and good customer service you’ll likely see returning customers.

Where Can You Buy Custom Wedding or Bridesmaid Boxes in Australia?

White magnetic gift box for Bridesmaid and Maid of Honour Proposal

We can help you present your wedding or bridesmaid bundles in style with our custom premium magnetic boxes! Our premium magnetic boxes are printed in high quality, full colour ink and white. Your logo or message will be crisp and vibrant on each of our five available colours.

Each box can be individually personalised with logos or names to make your favourite people feel truly special. With five matte finish available, low minimum order quantities, and flat pack delivery, these premium magnetic gift boxes are ideal for small businesses, individuals, and larger businesses.

Starting at a low minimum order of x10 units, Customised Premium Magnetic Gift Boxes can be personalised gift boxes with each person’s name, message, or initials.
Quick turnaround, digitally printed here in Sydney and white ink also available!

These reusable boxes are affordable, high-quality, have a magnetic closure at front, available in various sizes, come in a range of colours, including our most popular, crisp white and bold black.

We also supply a range of pastel coloured acid-free Tissue Papers or Diamond Protect Hex Wrap to cushion and protect the giftware’s (100% recyclable kraft paper Black, or White, or the ole’ favourite, Brown kraft).

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