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Can you still remember that time when you opened a package from a well-known brand and exclaimed, “Wow!”?

For many retailers and business owners, the delivery of orders and packages serves as the essential touchpoint with customers. The sense of luxe that comes with the gift box is enough to reinforce what a memorable experience should be. This also helps make the product experience a fond memory in the customer’s mind.

Do you want to know how to make an impact on your customer? Well, it’s the simplest things that matter. From the moment they touch the package, you can bring them to a different world of fun and excitement. A carefully curated gift box is enough to take your customers to an unforgettable unboxing experience.

What is an unboxing experience?

gift box unboxing

An unboxing experience is best illustrated as the moment a customer first opens a package or box. It is the process of taking a product out of its packaging. Although something has been a part of our daily lives, it is different for customers who order and wait for a product they think is worth using.

The moment the package arrives at the front door, it’s the excitement that starts off the experience. If you notice, this process is all about what customers feel. It’s their emotions and anticipation of what they are about to see and use for the first time.

Does an unboxing experience matter?

Yes, absolutely! For brands to stay in their A-game in the industry and for start-ups to build brand loyalty, creating an unforgettable experience the moment the customers hold the package sets everything to place. In the world of e-commerce or physical stores, evoking feelings and managing your customer’s emotions in a positive way can keep your brand on top, increase order value, and skyrocket revenue and sales.

Without something for your customers to keep remembering your brand, you can say goodbye to the longevity of your business. Staying fresh and unforgettable by providing the best experience is always important.

Why should businesses consider a memorable unboxing experience? 

If you notice in many social media vloggers, unboxing is one of their content. While some dismiss it as only an online craze, it actually does help businesses pursue a luxurious gift box every time they receive orders. Now that eCommerce and online shopping have merged, it becomes easier to lure people with their products by using extravagant packages.

Here are other things why an unboxing experience is important:

It helps create a lasting first impression. 

Did you know that attractive packaging can stimulate some parts of the brain and make the customers feel extra curious, not just about what’s inside but also about what’s presented on the outside? It can be filled with bright colours, lavish designs, and personalised logos. A well-presented package can leave wonders on a customer’s mind and, perhaps, create a lasting first impression!

It drives your customer’s loyalty and trust.

Nowadays, gaining your customer's loyalty to your brand can be difficult. According to studies, it takes at least five purchases to become loyal to a particular brand. For many businesses, this cannot be easy to achieve!

If you go to the malls often or visit online stores frequently, brands offer loyalty programs and discounts for people to return and boost their retention rate. This is a strategy of traditional marketing that may or may not work all the time. At the end of the day, it will still be the customer’s taste to consider.

If you want to drive your customer’s loyalty and trust, why not try the simplest way to achieve your business goals? Use the experience to stimulate their emotions. Give your customers an appealing gift box ideas together with their ordered products and let them feel empowered. Sometimes, catching their feelings is how you make your brand stand out, and the better way to do that is through a luxury unboxing experience.

It gives your brand a unique story.

If you ask any brand how they are successful, it is storytelling that helps them thrive. For example, as your customers wait for their orders to arrive, ensure that the packaging is both engaging and storytelling. Adding a little touch to the design of the package and, of course, clever branding can catch your customer’s undivided attention.

It helps with your content marketing.

With the emergence of the new era, social media has not only connected people but also become an effective channel for selling. Uploading photos and videos of you unboxing on your social media channels can boost your content marketing. This will enable more followers and increase your brand’s value in the market. Again, ensure that the package is well-presented and tells a story of fun and excitement.

What are the steps to achieve the perfect unboxing experience for your brands?

promoting your brand inside the box

Opt for personalised gift boxes

Choose the types of boxes you can customize according to your brand’s theme. Personalised gift boxes give your brand a unique appearance, perfect enough for an unforgettable unboxing time. You can also add custom branding to the box, your own design, colour, and ribbons to complete the appealing look of the package.

Add a personalised touch.

For some reason, handwritten notes can make your customers feel extra special. Add a personalised touch to the package through “thank you notes,” or you can send them free goodies while noting “just for you.” Now, this is a next-level customer experience.

Where can you buy these personalised gift boxes in Australia? 

Creating the best experience should not be difficult. With our personalised and custom gift boxes, we can help you drive that next-level customer experience for your brand’s successful future. We offer our premium magnetic gift box, printed in high quality, full-colour ink and white. You can also design your own artwork and logo, which we can present in vibrant colours available on our end.

Our premium magnetic gift boxes are ideal for small businesses, large enterprises, and start-ups. They are reusable and affordable. If you are hesitant about your product’s protection, do not worry. These boxes have a magnetic closure at the front, which protects your product and maintains its quality. Its appealing appearance and safety properties add to the best unboxing experience your customers will have.


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