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Creative Ways to Use Personalise Gift Box

May 02, 2024Sean Downs

If you want your gifts or product hampers to stand out every time, gift boxes are the best choice for you. They are durable, and reusable and keep your gifts secure if they need to be shipped.

Aside from its practical purpose, gift boxes can also be used to communicate your emotions toward your receiver.

This blog post will share the different ways to creatively use personalised gift boxes

Fresh Approaches to Custom Gift Boxes

Make your business distinct from others by using a personalised gift box that reflects your brand’s values and identity. Here are some innovative approaches to customised gift boxes.

Cooking Enthusiast Set

We’ve heard of cookbooks and herbs being given in cooking kits, but how about daily cooking necessities that are rarely given in gift hampers? You can put together an impressive box containing small knives, mitts, coasters, and cutting boards.

Be extra careful in how you wrap the knives and ensure that the pointed tip will not poke through the box and leave the other items prone to contamination and damage.

Family Movie Time

In a time where everyone is always on their phones, creating a box that offers something for every family member is a heartwarming gesture. A family movie time set should include a reusable popcorn bucket and tumblers, socks, popcorn, unique popcorn seasonings, and candy. This array of products ensures that parents and children enjoy the experience.

Morning Affirmation

Affirmations are positivity-filled messages that we repeat daily to enhance our mindset and life outlook. Encourage your customers, business partners, and employees to practice mindfulness by giving them a morning affirmation kit consisting of a journal, pen, energizing tea packets, and either a mug or dainty tea kettle.

With a morning affirmation hamper, you’re not just promoting products. You’re helping them build healthy habits also.

Origami Kit

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper to resemble flowers, animals, or other figures. If you own a stationery business, you can create an origami box made of high-quality paper and a guide on how to create origami figures. The guide should include tips suitable for beginners to advanced arts and crafts enthusiasts so they can work on origami types that are matched to their skills.

Tips for Promotional Gift Boxes

Show your brand’s personality

Reflect on how you can share your brand’s vision, mission, and overall identity through your box. Thinking of these questions can help:

  1. What kind of customer perception do I want my business to have?
  2. Am I a health-conscious, financial-focused, or fun lifestyle kind of brand?
  3. Do I want my products to represent luxury or practicality?
  4. What is my unique selling point?

Pondering on these questions can help you create a box that stays true to what your business stands for.

Consider your Budget

Your allocated budget for the gift packaging will determine the quality of the boxes you will order. Custom present boxes allow you some flexibility over the cost because you can choose the box style and design that you want for the amount that suits your budget. Most suppliers who provide customised boxes have in-house design teams that take charge of creating your personalised gift containers. This way, you will incur less expenses in creating your product hampers because you can order them from one place.

Balance between promotional and functional items

While it is understandable that you want to have your logo and business slogan on most of your products, you also have to be careful not to come off as pushy and hard-selling. There are moments when an ‘in your face’ marketing style offends people. Try to minimise the products that contain your branding to 50% of your hamper’s inclusions. The other 50% should focus on items that can add value to your customer’s life. That way you will be able to promote your brand while helping your customers in some aspects of their lives. 


Personalised gift boxes offer a multifaceted opportunity to both elevate your brand and express genuine care and thoughtfulness towards your recipients. By incorporating creative touches and considering the diverse needs and preferences of your audience, you can transform ordinary gift-giving into memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Whether it's through unique themes like cooking enthusiast sets or morning affirmation kits, or by striking a balance between promotional branding and functional items, the potential for them to convey your brand's identity and foster meaningful connections is boundless. 

Remember, with careful consideration of your brand values, budget, and the value you aim to provide, personalised gift boxes can serve as powerful tools for both promotion and genuine connection.

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