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How to Choose the Best Wine Gift Packaging

May 02, 2024Sean Downs

Wines are great gifts. They never fail to amaze recipients no matter what the occasion is. However, there is an important consideration when considering giving them as a gift: their fragility.

The glass bottles that they come in can be challenging to wrap, box, or ship. The good news is that packaging suppliers like NEON eCommerce Packaging have specialised boxes for wines.

This blog post will give you tips on how to choose the best wine packaging.

The importance of the right wine packaging

The material and quality used to wrap a bottle matter due to several reasons:

Prevent Breakage

Wines are placed in glass bottles and glass is fragile. You need a rigid box that can withstand movement and pressure during transit to ensure that your bottle arrives in complete and good condition to the recipient.


When you choose a high-quality box, it creates a good impression on the customer. Even if you choose not to design your box, people will still appreciate the container because they will be seeing and touching the structure.

Information Dissemination

The wine’s origin, flavours, aging techniques, grape variety, and other important information should be clearly displayed on the box. People who buy wine, whether for gifting or personal enjoyment are always keen to know more about the liquor’s characteristics as this helps them learn more about this complex drink.

Confidence and Convenience

If you regularly ship in bulk, it’s better to use a trusted box so that you have the peace of mind of shipping this fragile item to various locations. Also, having a tried and tested cardboard box for your saves time and energy when packing them because you are already familiar with how to assemble it. With sturdy packaging, you can be confident that they won’t break even if they’re stacked on top of each other.

Recommended Wines for Different Occasions

If you are not familiar with the different types but would like to amaze your clients and business connections, here are some of our recommendations.





  • Business dinners
  • Weddings 
  • Anniversaries 

The rich and complex flavour of red wine pairs well with heavy meals like steak and other meat dishes.


  • Home parties
  • Brunches
  • Casual weekend gathering

White wine is lighter than red wine which makes it more refreshing and complements salads, chicken, and seafood.


  • Christmas
  • New Year’s
  • Engagement parties

Due to its effervescent nature, sparkling wines are a top choice for celebrations involving many people. It is also versatile and goes well with cheese, fruit, and canapes.


  • Barbecues
  • Girls Hangouts
  • Spa Day

Rosé is popular because of its pink hue which associates it mostly with women. But, it can be for everyone because it is not heavy and can be a cooling drink during warm temperatures.

NEON Packaging’s Wine Boxes and Bags

Here at NEON, we want to accommodate as many businesses as we can and this is why we strive to create packaging solutions for products that have distinct shapes. These are our best-selling wine boxes and bags. 

Single and double Paper Wine Bag

Our paper bags for wine come in single and double sizes. They are both made from 230 gsm paper which is thick enough to carry one or two wine bottles without breaking apart. The woven paper handles ensure a secure way of holding the bag. These wine bags are available in black or white and have a semi-matte finish.

Rollor Bottle Protect

Crafted to give the highest level of safety to your wine bottles, the Rollor Bottle Protect is made from Kraft brown cardboard that makes it durable enough to contain the bottles and prevent breakage or cracks during shipping. They come in medium and extra-large sizes. All Rollors are 100% recyclable. 

Self-locking Wine Mailing Box

Designed to fit the majority of liqueur bottle sizes and designs, our self-locking wine mailing box is made of B-flute cardboard with a secure locking mechanism to ensure that your products don’t spill out during transit. Aside from being recyclable, this mailing box is manufactured according to the FSC’s standards. 


Selecting the right wine gift packaging is crucial for ensuring that your precious bottles arrive safely, impressively, and with all necessary information intact. The fragility of wine bottles necessitates sturdy packaging that can withstand transit pressures and prevent breakage, ensuring your gift reaches its destination in pristine condition. 

Additionally, aesthetically pleasing packaging enhances the gift-giving experience, while informative labeling adds value by educating recipients about the wine's characteristics. Opting for trusted packaging solutions not only instills confidence in shipping but also saves time and effort in packing. 

Finally, matching the wine type to the occasion ensures that your gift is not only well-presented but also perfectly suited to the celebration. With NEON Packaging's specialized wine boxes and bags, you can confidently deliver your gifts with style, safety, and sustainability in mind.

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