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Swing tags and hang tags are small but mighty tools to share information with your customers. Whether you're a fashion brand, a handmade artisan, or an online retailer, it's important to understand their value and the best ways to get the most out of your tags.

In this guide, we'll take a deep dive into the world of swing tags and hang tags, answering common questions and exploring their benefits and applications so you can create the best possible tags for your business.

What Are Swing Tags and Hang Tags?

Swing tags and hang tags are small, rectangular pieces of paper or cardboard that are attached to products. They're often used to provide additional information about the product, such as the brand name, price, product description, care instructions, and warranty information. Swing tags and hang tags can also be used to promote your brand and offer exclusive benefits or deals.

Swing Tags or Hang Tags? Is There a Difference?

Swing tags and hang tags are the same and the terms can be used interchangeably. While both terms refer to the same item, "swing tags" may connote a playful or dynamic appeal, while "hang tags" may imply a more traditional or formal usage.

The Many Uses of Swing Tags

  • Enhancing Brand Identity: Swing tags serve as an extension of your brand, providing a visual representation of your style, logo, and message.

  • Product Information and Care: Offer a convenient space to communicate important details about your product such as size, material, care instructions, and price.

  • Marketing and Promotions: Highlight special offers, discounts, or upcoming collections, capturing the attention of potential customers and boosting sales.

  • Personal Touch: Handwritten messages or personalised notes on the tags can create a memorable and personal connection with your customers.

  • Gift Tags and Special Occasions: Swing tags can double as gift tags, allowing customers to add a personal touch when giving presents.

How to Design the Best Swing Tags

When designing swing tags and hang tags, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are our top tips for effective tags:

  • Make sure they are visually appealing. Using high-quality paper or cardboard and attractive fonts and colours can increase brand awareness. Unique designs catered towards your target clients can help your product or brand stand out among the competitors.

  • Ensure all relevant product information is present, such as the brand name, product description, care instructions, and warranty information.

  • Choose high-quality materials that align with your brand aesthetic. Explore various printing techniques to achieve the desired look and feel for your swing tags.

  • Select the right thread to attach your tag to your product. Options include cotton, jute, and satin with each providing a different aesthetic appeal.


Q1: What is a swing tag?

A: A swing tag, also known as a hang tag, is a small piece of card or paper that hangs from a product using a thread. It provides branding, information, and promotion to products without damaging or permanently marking them.

Q2: What’s the difference between swing tag and hang tag?

A: The terms "swing tag" and "hang tag" are often used interchangeably to refer to the same concept. The choice of terminology may vary across industries and regions.

Q3: What do people use swing tags for?

A: Swing tags have multiple uses, including brand representation, conveying product information, promoting offers, adding a personal message, or serving as gift tags for special occasions.


Swing tags and hang tags are a powerful marketing tool that can help you boost your sales and grow your business. By understanding the benefits of using swing tags and hang tags and designing them effectively you can create a unique selling proposition for your products and increase brand awareness.

NEON Packaging's white cotton swing tag threads are a great option for businesses looking for a high-quality, affordable way to attach their swing tags to their products. The threads are made from 100% cotton, so they are strong, durable and easy to use. Get your tags printed with us on beautiful white or recycled brown paper to give your customers the ultimate retail experience!

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