Black Friday Sale

Black Friday 2023 Sale

Nov 23, 2023Sean Downs

Sydney, Australia, will be a hive of activity on November 26, 2023, as the sun sets and consumers get ready for the highly anticipated Black Friday Sale. Renowned for its incredible bargains and staggering discounts, this yearly shopping bonanza has gained international recognition. This post will examine the history of Black Friday, explain why it happened on November 26 this year, and provide some of the best offers on gift boxes, tissue paper, and personalized paper bags that can be found in Sydney.

Why Black Friday on the 24th of November

The day after Thanksgiving is when Black Friday, the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season, usually occurs in the United States. Sydneysiders may join in the shopping frenzy on November 26 this year as well. The fourth Thursday of November is used to decide the date, which is not the same date every year. Black Friday is moved to the next day because Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday.

Due to its conformity to American custom, Black Friday has become an international event. This day is much anticipated by both shoppers and retailers in Sydney as it signals the start of the holiday season and is an opportunity to find incredible bargains.

The Sydney Shopping Scene 

Sydney welcomes Black Friday with open arms because of its bustling retail scene. The massive sale is highly anticipated by customers, and it’s expected that the city's many retail centres, including the well-known Pitt Street Mall and the Paddington Markets, will be overrun with eager shoppers. The Black Friday shopping frenzy transcends physical stores, as online merchants provide exclusive offers to meet the growing demand from customers who prefer to purchase online.

This gives Sydneysiders a chance to experience a range of retail settings, from crowded city centres to cosy home comforts. Shops are preparing to offer a smooth online and in-store shopping experience so that everyone may take advantage of the Black Friday discounts.

Custom Paper Bags: The Affordable and Stylish Choice

Custom paper bags are now a must-have item for both consumers and businesses. If you're a small business or organising a special occasion, the Black Friday Sale offers a great chance to get hold of reasonably priced, fashionable paper bags with handles. Neon Packaging provides a selection of choices, beginning with our affordable line:

Affordable - Low MOQ Paper Bags with Handles | Australia

Neon Packaging offers affordable paper bags with handles that are both economical and environmentally friendly, making them an excellent option for companies wishing to adopt sustainable practices. These bags can be customised to match any brand or event because they are available in a variety of sizes and colours. These bags are a useful and adaptable option whether you manage a store or plan events.

Businesses should ensure they are well-prepared for the approaching holiday season by stocking up on these critical packaging items during the Black Friday sales. These bags are an appealing choice for small enterprises and event coordinators trying to properly manage their finances due to their low cost.

Elevate Your Brand with Premium Custom Paper Bags

Accessibility and affordability is important, but occasionally a little extravagance is required. Neon Packaging's Premium Custom Paper Bags meet this need:

Premium Custom Paper Bags | Australia

These sophisticated custom-printed paper bags can help you elevate your brand. These bags are ideal for luxury events and high-end shops. You can customise them to feature your brand's logo and message, leaving a lasting impact on your clientele.

With the increased customisability of our premium collection, companies and businesses can design distinctive and unforgettable packaging experiences. Whether your business is a gourmet food store, jewellery or fashion boutique, or a handmade craft business, these bags offer an air of luxury that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Add a Personal Touch with Custom Tissue Paper

When it comes to packing, the little things really do matter. Personalised tissue paper gives any product or present a refined touch:

Custom Tissue Paper | NEON Packaging

Use the custom tissue paper assortment from Neon Packaging to further personalise your packaging. This is the ideal addition to give a personal touch to gifts or to improve the image of your brand. Businesses can opt to print their logo or design on the tissue paper, which comes in a variety of colours, to create a unified and branded appearance. For people, this offers a chance to improve the way they give gifts. Using personalised tissue paper to offer a nicely wrapped gift conveys an additional level of care and consideration.

Gift in Style with Premium Magnetic Gift Boxes

Neon Packaging provides high-quality magnetic gift boxes for those exceptional gifts, products, or hampers that are deserving of an additional luxury touch.

Premium Magnetic Gift Boxes| Wholesale | NEON Packaging

These bulk magnetic gift boxes will wow your recipients. Robust and fashionable, they bring an additional element of surprise to the act of unwrapping gifts. Perfect for companies who want to stand out during the Christmas season.

For expensive goods, the magnetic gift boxes provide an elegant wrapping option. Companies can use these boxes to give their customers an unforgettable unboxing experience, which will raise the perceived worth of their items.

Shopping Tips for Sydney Shoppers

Here are some short shopping recommendations for Sydney locals before you go all in during Black Friday:

Plan Ahead

List the things you absolutely must have and rank your shopping destinations accordingly. 

Online vs. In-Store

Consider whether you would rather enjoy the excitement of in-store encounters or the ease of purchasing online. There are lots of discounts available online and in physical locations.

Stay Informed

To be informed about special offers and promotions, subscribe to newsletters and follow your favourite merchants on social media. 


Sydneysiders have a special chance to improve their shopping experience as Black Friday draws near. Neon Packaging's Black Friday sales have you covered whether you're a customer looking for the ideal gift presentation or a company owner looking to stock up on packaging needs. Explore the offered products and take advantage of the discounts this Black Friday to not miss the opportunity to improve your business or add a personal touch to your gifts!

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