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Make Your Gifts Stand Out with Custom Gift Boxes in Australia

Apr 26, 2024Sean Downs

Using a gift box is already impressive but a custom-printed gift box will make it more sophisticated because it creates a sense of exclusivity. You can make your receiver feel special by using a custom gift boxes for Australian businesses.

There are several ways to customise but recently, a popular method is by printing your business logo or chosen design on the cover. 

This blog post will discuss how you can make your gifts stand out with custom-printed gift boxes. 

Who can benefit from using custom presentation gift boxes?


Small businesses have a tough time making a breakthrough in the market because of the stringent competition and scarce resources. Despite the challenges, there are still numerous ways to stand out that cater to the unique circumstances of small businesses. 

One way to stand out among the competition is to have a cohesive brand that is consistent across your website, social media, and even eCommerce packaging. Custom gift boxes for your premium products can be a great way to show the value of your offering and provide a luxurious experience for your customers that will have them coming back time and time again. It also provides an opportunity for your customers to share their experience on social media or with their contacts, which is great for word-of-mouth recommendations.


Gift-giving does not always have to be traditional. You can have a modern approach to your personal gifts like wedding favours or birthday giveaways by giving them custom boxes that are designed according to their favourite colour or cartoon characters. 

One of the advantages of using it for personal gifting for events like weddings or birthdays is that you can make your packaging luxurious while giving a heartfelt touch at the same time. There are many design options available and you are in charge of how the boxes will look once it is printed. 

Benefits of Custom Presentation Gift Boxes

Size Options

These boxes are available in different sizes. From small to extra large, these packaging solutions can accommodate different kinds of gifts - from small stationery to large items like bedding or housewares. Having an array of sizes ensures that your product will not get crumpled or deformed because you can choose the right size. 

Lasting impression

The printed gift packaging you use helps people have a good perception of your business and will help them remember your business long after they have used the product. 

Cohesive Branding

As a small business or eCommerce owner, sometimes words are not enough to express what you want your potential customers to know. Whatever you cannot say in words, you can express through your present box. Your custom packaging will bridge the gap between your business and customers because it will introduce your brand and products. 

NEON’s Premium Custom Magnetic Gift Boxes

Our premium magnetic gift boxes set you apart from others with their semi-matte finish and strong magnetic closure. There are six colours available. If you want something simple, we have the classic black and white boxes, or if you’re looking for something unique yet subtle, we recommend the pastel shades that will surely delight.

These boxes are also size-matched to our self-locking mailing boxes for added security during shipping. In addition, you can also make your gift more memorable by adding a short message using NEON’s personalised A6 Note Cards. With three paper options to choose from, we guarantee that your note card is high-quality and will represent your brand well. 


Using custom-printed products offers many advantages for both businesses and individuals alike. By incorporating personalised designs and logos onto these boxes, one can elevate the gifting experience to a new level of sophistication and exclusivity like the Harvey Norman gift wrapping. For businesses, custom-printed serve as a powerful marketing tool, distinguishing their brand in a competitive market and leaving a lasting impression on customers. 

Moreover, the sustainability and economic benefits of these boxes, coupled with their ability to be reused and repurposed, contribute to reducing environmental impact and promoting responsible consumption practices. 

With options like NEON’s Premium Custom Magnetic Gift Boxes, which combine style, durability, and practicality, the act of giving and receiving gifts becomes even more memorable and meaningful.

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