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How Personalised Gift Boxes Improve Business

Sep 16, 2022Taylor Downs

What would it take to elevate your brand’s position in the industry? Does it involve following traditional marketing? Or plain posting on the internet and waiting until someone gets interested?

Gone are the days when relying on conventional strategies to make up your brand’s visibility. Following the trend makes it easier to attract customers and have them love your brand. But how can you make people stay and patronize your business?

As business owners, your main goal is to find effective ways to increase your sales and revenue. If your brand involves:

  • Gift items.
  • Specialising in different occasions.
  • Having a unique and luxurious magnetic box as its packaging is enough to capture your customer’s interest.

Here's how we can support you. We are here to make your brand stand out in this situation!

If you are looking for high-quality custom luxury magnetic boxes, you are in the right place. We understand that not all business shares the same features and characteristics. And so, our personalised magnetic boxes will be made according to your brand’s style, innovations, theme, and creativity.

What can you expect with our custom box packaging? Consider the following:

Zircon fire custom gift box

  • Custom Printed
  • Luxury Packaging
  • Customized Magnetic Box
  • Custom Box with Logo
  • Custom Jewellery Packaging in Australia

Our brand custom packaging gives you freedom in how you design your packages. We specialise in providing your brand with a unique appearance and in-store experience for your new and returning customers. Our personalised gift boxes offer an exciting adventure that everyone can enjoy while they are opening their packages.

What do we offer in our custom magnetic box packaging? These are as follows:

  • Custom premium magnetic boxes (black, white, mint green, peach, and neon pink)
  • Custom white/coloured satin ribbon printed full colour brand/logo 
  • Custom white/coloured tissue paper

In creating your personalised packaging, you can choose from a wide array of colours. Our varieties of shades include black, white, mint green, peach, and neon pink. We make sure that what you choose will fit what you sell or what your theme is for your business. Your choices can be bold or fun-loving colours, and guess what? You can get them all here!

Aside from the range of colours we offer, we also assist in gift box custom printing. Our personalised packaging services include printing your brand’s logo or name on the top or either side of the box. If you want to add specific messages alongside your logo, we can also print that as part of the service. Rest assured that our product printing is done with fashion and high quality.

Of course, your product is incomplete without adding minimal touches like satin ribbons wrapped around the package. The ribbon adds a luxurious feel to your customer’s unboxing experience. Additionally, you can add logos on the ribbon through this premium service to ensure branding is still present. But let’s not also forget our customised tissue paper. This paper is held inside and protects the gift inside the package.

What are the benefits of personalised boxes? 

While it’s true that custom-made gift boxes elevate the unboxing experience, there’s still more to them that benefits both the business owner and the customer. Consider the following:

  • Enhance the appearance of your product - If you are a business owner, product value is essential. The good thing is personalised boxes set the tempo of the unboxing event. Your product will feel the same if the gift is plain and boring. However, if it is designed and styled with fashion, your product’s appearance will also have the same ecstatic sensation when your customer opens the package. It’s the excitement that spreads throughout.
  • Tighten relationships - This particular element applies to business owners and customer relationships. If you provide your customers with an unforgettable purchase and unboxing experience through our premium boxes, they will become your patronizing buyers. And what does this kind of relationship result to? Well, it’s word of mouth that help you get more customers.
  • Great for any occasion - Whether it be weddings, birthdays, graduations, bridal showers, or bachelorette parties, our custom luxury packaging is suitable for any celebration. What’s so unique about this is that it makes recipients feel extra special on their special day.
  • Make a statement - For people who love sending personalised items to their loved ones, families, and friends, it states how they genuinely care and feel for the person. Some of the best examples of gift ideas are flowers, chocolates, scented candles, house essentials, and skin care products. These items packaged in unique boxes are an appreciation to make people happy and satisfied.

How to order custom made gift boxes?

Ordering is so easy. These boxes are available in four sizes, such as small, medium, large, and extra large. Our box quantities are many so that you can add as many orders as possible! Simply select your preferred size and add it to your cart. Select the “Choose File Button” for your logo to send us your artwork. If you need to send additional files, just email us at

After 1-2 days, you will receive an email containing complimentary digital proofs for your approval. These should be approved before we digitally print them. Once they are available, the boxes will come to you flat-packed. Don’t worry. They are easy to assemble, and an instruction sheet is provided with the product.

We also offer high volume selling on our personalised gift boxes. If you want to order in bulk quantities, you can rest assured of receiving the same high-quality results. You can also request a quote or set an appointment to receive further information about our personalised boxes. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

If your goal is to make your brand a success, NEON eCommerce Packaging can make this a reality. Stay ahead in the industry and cement your position at the top. What are you waiting for? Contact us and shop with us today!

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