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Looking for the best boxes designed to protect your items and products while shipping? We just made everything easy for you! Give the best impression to your customers of your brand by choosing the best boxes for your company.

Let us understand why these postage boxes are essential in your business, their functions, and how they can communicate to your customers. Posting boxes are perfect packaging postage boxes made from high-quality corrugated cardboard to keep your product safe for delivery. They are easy to assemble. They can be used as gift boxes and for sending promotional products to your consumers. They are lightweight, perfect for you not to worry about additional cost. These boxes not only look good and presentable, but they are also eco-friendly. They are easy to recycle because they are reusable and can be repurposed easily.

Here are some benefits of these boxes to your company:

Black and peach mailer boxes

Reduced Delivery Cost 

These boxes are designed to hold your products which cost less, and require minimal packing material to protect delicate and fragile contents from damage going to your customers.


These mailer boxes are lightweight. This means they are easy to store and ship since they don't take up much space or weight. This also means they are easy for customers to carry — contributing to a great unboxing experience.


Cost-efficient as the raw materials used to create them are affordable. They are also in-demand products, meaning that packaging providers need to offer them at competitive prices.


These boxes are secure and sturdy. They can keep your product inside without the possibility of falling out. They are also secure thanks to tough and durable corrugated cardboard known for being crush-proof and puncture-proof.


These postage boxes are versatile since they come in various sizes to fit any and all of your products.

Increased Brand Awareness

These boxes can be customized and printed with your company logo. Marketing taglines can deliver your message to potential customers at every step of the distribution and delivery process. Creating beautiful and memorable packaging solutions for your products can build brand awareness without increasing your advertising budget in these areas. They can serve as a marketing tool for your business.

Create Environmental Responsibility

Choosing eco-friendly materials for your custom packaging can allow your business to lessen its environmental impact. Aside from the obvious benefits to our earth, choosing green materials can positively affect your company reputation and enable you to reach key demographics among youthful customers interested in pursuing a green-friendly lifestyle and protecting the environment.

Let us learn more about suitable printed coloured mailer boxes for your company:

Depending on your preferred choice, you can choose different colours of these boxes that suit your brand image. These mailer boxes come in kraft brown or white or with vibrant colours printed internally. The usual colours internally are brown, white, black, pastel pink, bright pink, and pastel green. You won't have trouble finding what suits your brand from these colors. These boxes have the style to stand out from the crowd. They leave a perfect impression on your customers.
You can also choose from a variety of sizes. Available sizes are usually small, medium, large, and extra-large. Made from strong cardboard, these are perfect kraft boxes for packing gifts, candles, cosmetics, and other products.

Where to use mailer boxes:


These boxes perform the basic functions of providing a container for your products.


These boxes help protect your products from damage during transport. It also removes the hindrance of risk by keeping your product safe and secure in transit.


You can customize these boxes into a design that suits your brand. You can add some company tagline or your company logo.


This function of packaging has the following advantages:

These box features communicate the product message and motivate customers to buy your product.


Wholesalers, retailers, middlemen, warehouse keepers, and consumers demand convenience in packaging, i.e., they should be lightweight and conveniently packed to be carried by hand.


These boxes are easily customized to a design where you can attract customers to patronize your product more.


Nowadays, several companies aim to provide reusable packaging and promote sustainability. These boxes are eco-friendly and can be multi-purpose.


Your packaging should not create a financial burden for your company. Customers prefer economical packaging options because the cost is included in the price. Hence, the packaging should be made attractive, appealing, and economical.

Why must your boxes be eco-friendly?

brown kraft mailer box

Eco-friendly boxes are made from sustainable materials that honours the environment. Customers nowadays are very particular with companies that promote sustainability. That is why your business must promote this awareness.

Here are some benefits of eco-friendly boxes:

  • Pollution and destruction of natural resources can cause an imbalance in nature. The essence of using an eco-friendly box is that your business helps save nature from destruction.
  • You may not be aware of it, but your business is helping to save mankind as you patronize using sustainable boxes. If any part of nature is affected, humans too will be affected by it- directly or indirectly.
  • Your company promotes having a better climate by just choosing to use an eco-friendly box. Climate change is real, and it is happening at an extraordinarily faster rate than it was a few decades ago. Using eco-friendly products can help fight this effect and ensure better climatic conditions for the future.

How do these mailer boxes serve as your company's medium of communication with your customers:

brown kraft mailer box

  1. The more attractive boxes you have, the more appealing the product unboxing can be to your customers.
  2. These boxes can match your brand.
  3. By customizing these boxes, they can play as your salesman. They could represent your brand to your customers indirectly.
  4. They act as a unique selling proposition.


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