Pink Mailing Boxes


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empty pink small mailing box
pastel pink mailing box from NEON packaging
Self-Locking Mailing Box Bright Pink - Small
22cm x 16cm x 8cm *GST included
empty pink medium mailing box
close pink mailing box | NEON Packaging
Self-Locking Mailing Box Bright Pink - Medium
24cm x 19cm x 12cm *GST included
empty pink mailing box | NEON Packaging
close pink mailing box | NEON Packaging
Self-Locking Mailing Box Bright Pink - Large
39cm x 28cm x 12cm *GST included
Self-Locking Mailing Boxes Bright Pink - Extra Large
Self-Locking Mailing Boxes Bright Pink - Extra Large
Self-Locking Mailing Boxes Bright Pink - Extra Large
44cm x 36cm x 9cm *GST included

What are Pink Mailing Boxes?

Neon pink is eye-catching and can complement your brand identity when appropriately used in marketing. A neon pink self-locking mailing box can create an unforgettable unboxing experience that leaves a lasting impression on the recipient. The bold colour grabs attention and conveys a sense of energy and excitement, which can be particularly beneficial for brands looking to stand out in a crowded market and make a memorable statement. 

The Advantages of Neon Pink Self-Locking Mailing Boxes


Neon pink commands attention immediately. Using neon pink self-locking mailing boxes, brands can create packaging that stands out and captures interest at first glance. This vibrant hue is exciting and memorable, so your customers are more likely to remember the experience.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Incorporating neon pink into your packaging can significantly amplify brand visuals while seamlessly complementing your brand guidelines. When customers see the neon pink packaging, they instantly associate it with your brand, reinforcing brand identity and loyalty.

Using neon pink in packaging can convey a bold and confident brand personality. It suggests that the brand is innovative, modern, and unafraid to stand out. This can attract customers drawn to brands with a solid and unique identity.

Memorable Unboxing Experience

A neon pink self-locking mailing box can elevate the unboxing experience. Your customers will remember the unique packaging by using such a bold colour. This positive experience can lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

User Generated Content 

The vibrant and unique appearance of neon pink packaging makes it highly shareable on social media. Customers will likely take photos and share their unboxing experiences when the packaging is visually appealing and distinctive. This user-generated content can serve as free advertising and help increase potential customers' trust in your brand. Spread.

Industry Expert Insights

According to the NEON team, self-locking mailers significantly enhance recipients' unboxing experience. This final touchpoint in the customer's purchasing journey is crucial, as it leaves a lasting impression aesthetically and functionally. 

A carefully packed item demonstrates to the recipient that their purchase is valued and cared for. Our team members emphasise that self-locking mailers can help businesses build lifetime customer loyalty by ensuring products arrive in excellent condition, reinforcing a positive and memorable unboxing experience.

FAQs About Brown Self-locking Mailing Boxes

How much is the delivery fee in Sydney Metro?

We offer free delivery inside Sydney Metro with a minimum order of $100!

How does the self-locking mechanism work?

The specially designed tabs on the box lid fit snugly inside the front slots of the box. 

How can I improve the aesthetics of the self-locking mailing box?

We highly recommend using our acid-free tissue paper , kraft wrapping paper , or diamond protective hex wrap to enhance the visual presentation of your products while protecting them from dust or scratches.

What sizes are available?

Our black self-locking mailers are available in four sizes - small, medium, large, and extra large. Please visit the product pages for specific measurements.

What are the self-locking mailing boxes made from?

Our self-locking mailers are made from sturdy single-wall B-flute cardboard. The cardboard is 3mm thick and FSC Certified , which means it’s responsibly sourced and recyclable.

Do I need tape to keep the boxes closed?

No, you do not need tape to keep the mailing boxes closed; however, it is recommended that you add tape to prevent tampering with the mail. 

Are these mailing boxes suitable for eCommerce?

Yes, they are designed for eCommerce!

Can the mailing boxes fit premium magnetic gift boxes?

Yes, each self-locking mailer is designed to fit our premium magnetic gift boxes comfortably, making them perfect for premium hampers.

How are the boxes delivered?

The boxes are delivered flat-packed and are easy to assemble. You can watch the video for assembly instructions.

How thick is the cardboard?

The cardboard used for the mailers is single-wall B-flute cardboard, which is 3mm thick.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 1300 531 930.