Using Mailing Boxes for Hassle-Free Shipping with Australia Post

Using Mailing Boxes for Hassle-Free Shipping with Australia Post

May 13, 2024Sean Downs

Businesses often face challenges when it comes to packaging. Sometimes, the packaging they choose is time-consuming to assemble. However, there are instances when it’s easy for the business to assemble the packaging but difficult for customers to open. 

Either way, this struggle with choosing convenient packaging without sacrificing quality can impact the business in many ways - time, resources and customer’s perception toward their brand. 

This blog post will discuss how mailing boxes can solve this dilemma. 

What businesses should use Mailers?

One challenge that businesses face is optimising their packaging process. Having a highly efficient packing system influences how well you can fulfil the volume of orders you receive daily. 


eCommerce businesses can benefit from mailing boxes if they want a secure way of transporting their products while giving their customers an unforgettable unboxing experience. 


Some retail stores don’t have enough space to put up shelves. They can still achieve an eye-catching display by using mailing boxes. They can organise their products inside boxes and arrange them on the counter. 

Food and beverage

Due to the adhesive-less closure of these boxes, there is less probability of trapping contaminants inside the box. This reduces the probability of spoilage. 

Industrial and wholesale

Businesses in the industrial and wholesale sectors can save money and storage space by using mailers for their products. They can order the boxes in bulk and store them in their warehouse. 

Advantages of using Self-locking Mailers

Unlimited design possibilities

Printed, painted or embellished are just some of the ways that you can upgrade your mailing boxes. You can have both sides of the lid decorated with your preferred colour, artwork or material. The double-sided customisation gives business owners a chance to highlight their brand to the public. 

You can hit two birds with one stone when designing the cover of your mailing box - brand awareness and product promotion. 

Suitable for various products

Mailers can be made of cardboard, corrugated stock or Kraft paper. These materials provide a wide option of mailers to choose from. These boxes can hold different types of products like clothes, shoes, documents or picture frames. 


With lightweight packaging, you can save on shipping costs without compromising the safety of your products. Self-locking mailers are lightweight due to the material used. They can be stacked on top of one another during shipping and are easy to transfer too. 

Reliable Protection

A mailer box is constructed with product protection as a priority. The side stripes, flaps and wings are designed to keep the contents in one place and one piece throughout shipping. Because of the rigid material used, mailers protect the products from getting cracked or broken by jolts and vibrations during transportation. 


Businesses can save time, effort and resources when they use self-locking mailing boxes because it is easy to assemble and require no adhesives for sealing. Unless exposed to harsh environments, the flaps do not come off on their own. Assembling this box doesn’t take much time which makes it less labour-intensive as well. 

NEON Packaging’s Unique Mailers

Here at NEON, our mailing boxes are delivered flat-packed and easy to assemble. They are made of single-wall B-flute cardboard and are completely plastic-free. The mailers are available for wholesale orders at low minimum order quantities. 


Mailing boxes offer businesses a convenient and efficient solution to the challenges they face in packaging their products. Whether struggling with time-consuming assembly or ensuring easy opening for customers, mailing boxes provide a versatile option that addresses various needs across different industries.

These advantages include unlimited design possibilities for branding and promotion, suitability for various products, lightweight construction for cost-effective shipping, reliable protection against damage during transit, and convenience in assembly without the need for additional adhesives.

NEON Packaging offers unique mailers that are flat-packed, easy to assemble, and environmentally friendly, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their packaging process while reducing their environmental footprint.

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