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Mailing Boxes Australia: The Ultimate Guide to Efficient Packaging

May 13, 2024Sean Downs

Businesses need to invest in mailing boxes to maintain their product’s quality. It also helps your customers remain interested and invested in your brand. eCommerce, retail, and small businesses need to consider using mailing boxes so they can ship their products but still maintain a premium presentation. 

This blog post will provide Australian businesses with a comprehensive guide to using mailing boxes for efficient packaging. 

What are Mailing Boxes Made of?

Corrugated cardboard is used to make mailing boxes. The fluted structure of these boxes makes them durable and reliable for shipping products. They are self-locking and require no adhesive in assembling or sealing them. 

Many businesses offering subscription services use mailing boxes to keep their products secure during shipping. Although recently, these boxes have been used for brand promotions and corporate gifting. 

How to use Mailing Boxes Properly

The way you pack your items will affect the state its in when it arrives at your customer’s doorstep. While the packing technique differs based on the product you will be shipping, having general best practices you can use as reference will ensure that you are maximising your self-locking mailers. 

Assess your item

Sometimes, it’s not a good idea to pack the product into the mailing box directly for three reasons: weight, size and shape and fragility. 

If you are going to ship a considerably heavy object, it would be best to put them inside a bubble mailer or another box first. You need a strong packaging for a heavy item. So, you will need double or triple layers of packing materials for its safety. 

You also need to determine the size and shape because this will affect the space left inside the box for void fillers. Fillers are important because they provide cushioning that absorbs impact during transport.

Lastly, the product’s fragility must be accommodated. Fragile items need extra cushioning and protection. Insufficient filler material can cause your package to break when it bounces around inside the box while being transported. 

Wrap items individually

If you’re packing different items in one box, wrap them separately because during shipping, packages move and bump against each other. This movement alone can cause potential damage to the contents and the risk of breakage increases when contents inside the box are not held down securely. Reduce the chances of product damage due to movement by wrapping them separately. 

Provide the appropriate amount of packaging fillers

Under filling and over filling a box can both lead to problems. When you go below the recommended amount, it can cause the contents to move around the box. But, when you put too much filling, the box may burst. 

One rule of thumb is to use at least 2 inches or 5 to 6 centimetres of void fillers. 

Seal your boxes properly

As mentioned before, mailers are self-locking. However, for long-distance shipping, the flaps may accidentally open. You can use the H-taping method. Tape is used to seal the centre and edge seams. If you are worried about using non-biodegradable tape, there are many variations of adhesives now like cellulose tape that is made from biodegradable material. 

NEON Packaging’s Self-locking Mailers

NEON’s mailing boxes are available in four sizes - small to extra large. Our colour choices include Kraft brown, plain white, black and pastels. We also have a mailing box for wine. 

These boxes have a secure self-locking design and can be used in tandem with our Diamond Protect Hex Wrap, a wrapping paper with honeycomb that can cover items individually. 

Another option is to add stickers containing your brand logo. We have round, rectangle and square stickers that can be custom-printed to show off your brand name. 

Some of NEON’s self-locking mailing boxes are FSC-certified as indicated by the FSC logo. This means that they were produced using sustainable practices that don’t harm forests.


Efficient packaging using Australian mailing boxes is not just about securing your products during transit but also about enhancing your brand image and customer satisfaction. By understanding the materials and techniques involved in proper packaging, businesses can ensure that their items arrive safely while also reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and quality. 

With options like NEON Packaging's self-locking mailers and environmentally-friendly adhesive tapes, businesses have the tools to protect their products and make a positive impression on their customers.

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