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Empty Mint Green Small Gift Box - NEON Packaging
High Quality Mint Green Small Gift Box - NEON Packaging
Premium Magnetic Gift Box Mint Green - Small
20cm x 15cm x 6.5cm *GST included
Empty Mint Green Medium Gift Box - NEON Packaging
High Quality Mint Green Medium Gift Box - NEON Packaging
Premium Magnetic Gift Box Mint Green - Medium
22cm x 18cm x 10.5cm *GST included
Empty Mint Green Large Gift Box - NEON Packaging
High Quality Mint Green Large Gift Box - NEON Packaging
Premium Magnetic Gift Box Mint Green - Large
37cm x 27cm x 10.5cm *GST included
Empty Mint Green Extra Large Gift Box - NEON Packaging
High Quality Mint Green Extra  Large Gift Box - NEON Packaging
Premium Magnetic Gift Box Mint Green - Extra Large
41.5cm x 35cm x 7.5cm *GST included

Choosing the proper packaging can significantly impact your business's presentation and customer experience. A mint green gift box is a refreshing and trendy color that evokes a sense of calm and sophistication, making it perfect for creating a memorable unboxing experience. Its cool shade gives your products a unique edge. 

Additionally, mint green complements a wide range of products, from luxury items to everyday goods, enhancing their perceived value. Crafting an experience that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

5 Reasons Why Mint Green Magnetic Gift Boxes Boost Your Brand

Memorable Unboxing Experience

The magnetic closure offers a smooth and satisfying opening experience, making the customer's unboxing of your product more enjoyable. Paired with a trendy mint green colour, it creates a memorable first impression that can increase brand recall.

Sustainable Choice

Magnetic closures eliminate the need for tape or ribbons, reducing packaging waste. This eco-friendly approach can resonate with customers who are increasingly conscious of sustainability.

Reusable Packaging

The sturdy magnetic closure allows easy opening and closing, encouraging customers to reuse the box for storage or gifting purposes. This extends the lifespan of your packaging and puts your brand logo on display for longer.

Adaptability for Various Products

Mint green is an adaptable colour that complements various product types. Whether you're packaging jewellery, candles, baked goods, or small electronics, these magnetic gift boxes can add a touch of sophistication and freshness.

Target the Right Demographic

This colour's popularity aligns perfectly with millennial and Gen Z preferences. These demographics are known to be drawn to fresh, eco-conscious aesthetics. By using mint green magnetic boxes, you can subtly signal your brand's understanding of their taste and values.

Psychology of Color

Mint green is associated with feelings of peace, tranquillity, and growth. This can benefit businesses selling wellness products, spa treatments, or calming gifts. The colour subconsciously creates a positive association with your brand.

Their versatility is expanding from hamper boxes to post-sales gifting in the real estate market and aftersales in the automotive industry. The future looks promising for these premium gift boxes as more customers recognise their value and potential for diverse uses.


How much is the delivery fee in Sydney Metro?

FREE - A free delivery inside Sydney Metro with a very low minimum order of $100.

How are they delivered?

Our Premium Mint Green Magnetic Gift Boxes are delivered flat-packed to save on space and shipping costs.

Are they easy to assemble?

Yes, they are easy to assemble. An instructional video is provided to guide you through the process.

Check it here How to assemble a Mint Green Gift Box  

What type of closure do they have?

These boxes feature a strong magnetic closure to keep your gifts secure.

What is the finish of the gift boxes?

The boxes have a semi-matte finish, providing a sleek and elegant look.

Can they be customised?

There are many customisation possibilities with our Premium Magnetic Gift Boxes.

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How much weight can they hold?

The weight limit depends on the size. You can use this table as the basis:




Extra Large

20cm x 15cm x 6.5cm

(internal measurements)

22cm x 18cm x 10.5cm

(internal measurements)

37cm x 27cm x 10.5cm

(internal measurements)

41.5cm x 35cm x 7.5cm

(internal measurements)

Ideal for dainty items like small jewellery and hair accessories

Ideal for clothing items like shirts, socks, and wallets

Can hold heavier items like blankets, jackets, or flat shoes

Can hold bulky items like candle jars, perfume bottles, and cosmetics


Are they reusable?

Yes, they are designed to be reusable.

Are these gift boxes suitable for eCommerce hampers?

Yes, they are perfect for luxury gifting or eCommerce hampers.

Can they fit inside mailing boxes?

Yes, NEON's premium gift boxes are designed to fit snugly inside our mailing boxes for extra protection during shipping.

What does "wholesale" mean in the context of these gift boxes?

"Wholesale" means purchasing them in bulk quantities, often at a lower price per unit.

What are MOQs?

MOQs stands for "Minimum Order Quantities." These magnetic boxes are available with low minimum order quantities, making them accessible for small businesses and individual needs.

Industry Expert - Sean Says

These boxes stand out from other types of packaging due to their exceptional quality. They are crafted to a high standard, ensuring a superior presentation and durability. The demand for these is rising, with increasing applications across various industries. 

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