A Guide to Large Gift Boxes

A Guide to Large Gift Boxes

Apr 18, 2024Sean Downs

Gift boxing is often overlooked in today's fast-paced world. While it's convenient to buy a gift and have it wrapped at the store, there are times when personalising the wrapping can make a significant impact. This is especially true for businesses preparing gift boxes for clients. Customising the wrapping with unique patterns or designs not only adds a personal touch but also creates an element of surprise, particularly when presenting large or uniquely shaped gifts.

When it comes to gift wrapping, boxing up your gift is considered the highest tier of all upper-tier gift-wrapping techniques.

This blog post will be your guide in using large gift boxes to unwrap the perfect surprise. 

Why Use a Large Gift Box?


Most large gift boxes for presents are easy to assemble and disassemble. When using a box for shipping, all you'll need are scissors, tape, and any embellishments. It's a simple and quick process, requiring minimal time and effort.


If you’re preparing different gift boxes for a corporate party or PR event, you can just opt for customised large gift box with a lid. These boxes normally have a magnet or closure of some kind. You can also print your desired design on the inner and outer sides of the cover. All that’s left to do is put the gifts inside properly. 

Environmentally friendly

Many boxes nowadays are made from old wood fibre and recycled cardboard. These materials use fewer resources like energy and water. In addition, there are many kinds of technology now that strengthen a cardboard box to make them suitable for multiple reuses. 


Large gift boxes for presents are a blank canvas. You are free to design it however you see fit. There are many ways to keep your gifts secure inside by using void fillers, honeycomb wrap, or kraft wrapping paper. You can also include tags or note cards to make them more meaningful. 

Where to get a large gift box?

NEON Packaging’s large gift box is perfect for individuals, retailers, and eCommerce business owners. It has a dimension of 43.2cm x 30.5cm x 30.5cm (LxWxH), and it can fit apparel, small homeware, and some kitchen utensils. 

This box is locally manufactured and made with single-wall B-flute 3mm cardboard, making it durable for shipping. It is also suitable for storage and moving house. 

We offer low MOQ and deliver it flat-packed, making them ideal for small storage spaces. You can buy large gift boxes in Sydney through NEON

How to select the perfect large gift box

To make your gift box preparations more time-efficient, this concise step-by-step guide will walk you through the factors you need to consider before you finalise your choice for your product hamper box. 

Why are you preparing a gift?

Is it for a wedding, a birthday, or an anniversary? Your purpose for giving a gift helps you with the content selection and in choosing the appropriate packaging for your gift.

Who is receiving the gift?

Reflect not only on the personality of your recipient, think also about how the recipient will be taking your gift back home. Ensure that they have a vehicle or means of transportation that can fit the large box.

What kind of gift are you giving?

Consider size, material, and transport method. Not only should you make sure that the packaging is pretty, but you should also make sure that whatever's inside the packaging would make it to the recipient in one piece.

Is the packaging price economical?

The packaging should never be more expensive than the contents. You should find the middle ground between being generous and making economically sound decisions.

How can I be more creative?

Although the inside counts, the outside also counts. Personalize and design your gift box in a way that would suit you and your recipient. Be creative, but stay tasteful.

Thinking Big? Top Tips for Finding the Right Large Gift Box


While gift bags are convenient, for a truly special presentation and to heighten the anticipation of your recipient, consider stepping up your gift-giving game with a large gift box. 

Large gift boxes offer various benefits – they're easy to use, budget-friendly, good for the environment, and provide a vast canvas for your creativity. By following these tips for selecting the perfect large gift box and unleashing your design skills, you can transform a simple box into a stunning presentation that complements your gift and leaves a lasting impression.

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