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Large Gift Boxes Delivered to Your Door in Sydney

Apr 18, 2024Sean Downs

There's no greater joy than receiving a carefully planned gift.

Different occasions call for different presents. Sometimes it's better to give multiple small gifts rather than one giant gift. However, it's always better to wrap gifts using boxes, and what better way to wrap and contain multiple small gifts than using one large box?

This blog post is a step-by-step guide to organising gifts inside a large gift box and how to get it delivered to your doorstep in Sydney.

 A Step-by-Step Method for Organising Large Gift Boxes

Step 1: Curate

Select your theme so you can create a nicely put-together gift box. It depends on your receiver’s preference but having a specific theme for your present makes it more thoughtful. Some popular themes for gifts are - a spa day, coffee lovers, sweet tooth, or travel necessities pack. Deciding on a theme makes it easier to shop for gifts making gift planning a time-efficient process. 

Step 2: Choose your box

After you’ve purchased the items and determined how much space it needs, you can now choose an appropriately-sized gift box. If you plan to have it printed, you also need to prepare your design beforehand because some box suppliers provide in-house printing services. 

Step 3: Sort

Arrange your items according to their similar features. You can wrap all fragile objects into one group and surround it with packaging fillers to separate them from the sturdier ones. 

Another consideration is whether a stacked organisation would give it a better appearance. If you don’t have any fragile items in your present box, consider stacking them according to which object you want the recipient to see first. 

If the gifts are vulnerable to scratches, you can wrap them individually and arrange them in a way that they don’t bump against each other. This also works well for gifts that are sensitive to light or moisture. 

Step 4: Wrap and Label

Designing your gift wrap is something that would make your gift more personal. You can use ribbons and stickers; some people also go through the extra length of painting the wrapper. As a final touch, you can also include a heartfelt note addressed to the recipient on the label.

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How to Have Large Gift Boxes Delivered to Your Door in Sydney

When you order from NEON Packaging, we prioritise speedy shipping out of your orders. We ship to Sydney and offer door-to-door delivery. You can check the estimated shipping fee through the ‘Estimate Shipping’ section of the page.

We are open to adjusting shipping options if you have a preferred courier. 

NEON Packaging’s Large Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes are 100% reusable. They can be repurposed into home storage after the gifting. Lightweight and sturdy, you can trust that the items you ship stay secure and complete.

Thinking Big? Tips for Finding the Perfect Large Gift Box


The act of gift-giving is an expression of thoughtfulness and care, and it's made even more special when the presentation is carefully considered. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your large gift box not only contains a thoughtful selection of presents but also presents them in an organised and visually appealing manner.

Remember, the journey of selecting, curating, and arranging gifts is just as important as the act of giving itself. With the right approach, you can turn a simple gift-giving occasion into a memorable experience for both you and the recipient.

When it comes to getting your large gift box delivered straight to your door in Sydney, you can rely on NEON Packaging to provide fast and reliable shipping services. Our eco-friendly and durable large gift boxes are designed to keep your gifts safe and secure throughout the delivery process, ensuring that they arrive in perfect condition.

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