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Thinking Big? Tips for Finding the Perfect Large Gift Box

Apr 18, 2024Sean Downs

Big events and occasions need big gifts. Consequently, for huge gifts that will help show the various emotions you want to express to the receiver, using a large gift box is the best way to present your gift. 

However, not all large gift boxes are made from the same material or process. Buying big items for gifting purposes requires more consideration and expenses. That is why it needs a box that can ensure its safety and appeal. 

This blog post will share some tips to help you find the appropriate large gift box.

Tips for Selecting Large Gift Boxes

These straightforward tips will guide you in selecting large gift boxes that are high-quality, reasonably priced, and size-matched to your chosen gifts. 

Protect your Products

To ensure your products arrive safely in the mail, select appropriate packaging based on their fragility. For delicate items like porcelain or ceramics, reinforce with materials like wood and use cushions for shock absorption. Secure removable parts together, either with paper packets, tape, or a separate small box wrapped with protective material.

Size is King

You cannot rely on a one-size-fits-all kind of container for a large gift. Take the object’s measurements and find a box that will fit it snugly. The perfect box for shipping any product has to be just the right size. It must be large enough to fit the product comfortably, but not so large it can be jostled and damaged during shipping. Any spare space can be filled with eco-friendly void fillers, such as diamond protect hex wrap, to provide some extra cushioning and prevent unwanted movement.


Be careful not to get swept away by the excitement of gift boxing. Always compare prices and try to get the best deal. Good quality packaging doesn't have to be expensive. Make sure you do your research to ensure you get the best quality for the lowest price. Many suppliers give discounts for bulk purchases, so buying more can save you more in the long run. You should also consider reusing old boxes if they're still in good condition to save you and your customer money and make a positive impact on the environment.

Choose your material

When it comes to large gift boxes, there is a great variety of materials to choose from, including plastic, paper, tin, and fiberboard. Choose the material that will protect your products the best, while also staying within budget. You should also consider the shipping costs for your customers. They will be more likely to repurchase from your store if you offer reasonable shipping rates.

Personalise the box

Enhance your customer's unboxing experience by including a personal touch. This can be in the form of a thank you note, ribbons that match your brand, branded stickers, or using custom-branded tissue paper for a pop of colour. Just make sure to have one cohesive look in mind when designing.

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Gift-giving is a selfless act that shows how much the recipient means to you. The packaging and the presentation of the gift also matter. The only thing better than receiving a giant gift is receiving it in a giant box designed to perfection.

With large gift boxes, express your emotions that are too big to hide in your heart. By following this guide, you can create an unforgettable gifting experience while staying practical and eco-friendly. 

So make your giant surprise a big part of your loved one’s memories by choosing the perfect and right large gift box to deliver it.

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