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Benefits of Brown Paper Bags

Apr 05, 2023Louise Edgecombe

If you love shopping, you will have already noticed the significant shift away from plastic shopping bags. Retailers around the country are swapping out damaging plastic for classy kraft bags of all sizes, shapes, colours, and designs to both promote their brand and their commitment to environmental preservation goals.

Brown kraft bags are incredibly versatile and can be used for carrying shopping, groceries, and gifts. To achieve this, they must be constructed from good quality materials that are strong and durable. The process used to create kraft material is well-curated to produce an eco-friendly product without contributing significantly to environmental pollution. Now that this material is widely accessible, it’s easier than ever for individuals and businesses of all sizes to make decisions that are safer for the environment.

These kraft bags have proven and continue to prove their value and effectiveness since the 1900s. With modern advancements in science and manufacturing, they’ve only become more and more durable and versatile, so we won’t be seeing the end of kraft bags any time soon!

In this blog, we will explore the variety of benefits that come from using kraft bags for both businesses and individuals who wish to invest in a good quality product, while also remaining eco-friendly.

The Environmental Benefits of Kraft Bags

Eco-Friendly Construction and End Product Brown kraft bags are a fantastic alternative to single-use plastic bags that can take hundreds of years to break down in landfill or the environment, and even then, break down into smaller micro-plastics that can cause lasting damage to wildlife.

As an eco-friendly solution, the manufacture and use of kraft bags with handles has a significantly smaller impact on the environment than single-use plastics. The manufacturing process often uses woodchips and other wood waste to create the material, finding a purpose for material that would otherwise have been disposed of. The wood chips are steamed and pulped before being spread to dry for cutting and transport. Manufacturing plants are equipped to reuse water and chemicals wherever possible, making this process much more environmentally friendly than that of single-use plastics which use more harmful chemicals.

Biodegradable Unlike plastic bags, kraft bags are biodegradable. This means that they can be broken down naturally in the environment. The kraft material degrades without causing any damage.

Reusable The best thing about kraft bags is that they’re super durable. This means that often you are able to use the bag for its intended purpose several times before you need to recycle it, and we all know that it’s better for the environment to bring your own bags out shopping or to the supermarket.

Even when the handles break off or you find a hole in the corner of your bag, the material can still be used for home crafts. Crafts such as homemade plant pot covers, woven baskets, or recycled wrapping paper can add a nice handmade touch to your home or gifts and save the purchase of non-recyclable alternatives. It’s a win-win!

Recyclable If crafts aren’t really your thing, these bags can also be recycled; a single sheet can be recycled up to seven times!

To prepare the material for recycling, first it must be sorted into categories to ensure similar types get processed together. Once sorted, it can be baled and transported to the recycle centre, where it will be pulped, cleaned, and de-inked, and then dried so it’s ready to be manufactured again.

The Benefits of Kraft Paper Bags for Businesses

brown paper bags

Show Your Commitment to Eco-friendly Alternatives & Promote your Business

brown paper bag at checkout or purchase desk is the easiest way to display your businesses’ commitment to making the smallest environmental impact possible. By using this type of bag, your customers can see instantly that you have made an eco-friendly choice. It’s shown that environmental issues are a big concern to consumers today and they are more likely to choose to shop with providers that are making eco-friendly choices.

Kraft paper bags are the easiest way to show that your business promotes green practices. With kraft paper bags now so accessible and versatile, there is a size, shape and strength available that suits all kinds of products, such as fashion and apparel, food delivery, toys, houseware, and jewellery.

New Business & Maintain Existing Business

Business owners are always looking for new and unique ways to attract new customers. Shoppers in recent years have shown that they are more likely to shop with companies that clearly demonstrate their commitment to eco-friendly practices. Marketing is the primary means of doing so, but every little bit counts! A paper bag that’s been cleverly customised with your company branding can be an attractive sight. Customers will see others walking around the shop or market with your fancy bags and seek you out. By following eco-friendly trends and practices in your business you earn the trust of your customers, which will encourage them to return time and time again.

Durability & Comfort

Kraft paper bags come in grades that are extremely durable. This means they’ll be able to withstand the strain of holding heavy items while also being eco-friendly.

Besides their durability, these bags are also comfortable to use. From their flat bottoms to twisted handles, they are easy to carry. Customers really appreciate a comfortable bag to hold, especially when carrying heavy items for a long time, so why not give them something comfortable that’s also better for the environment than single-use plastic?

Where to Buy Wholesale Brown Paper Bags

white and brown paper bags

NEON eCommerce Packaging is the perfect place to buy your brown paper bags with handles at wholesale prices, where the more your buy, the bigger the savings! We’ve done a lot of research to ensure we’re providing you with the best quality paper bags that will meet your durability and sustainability needs in Australia. What are you waiting for!? Contact us today to ask how we can work together to build greener practices within your business!


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