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Adding A Personal Touch with Custom Mailing Boxes

Mar 27, 2023Sean Downs

Choosing the packaging for your small business is a big decision. Style, print, quality, durability and cost must all be considered before making your final purchase. With the rise in eCommerce, there’s also been a rise in packaging options, which can make the whole process more complicated. So let us show you why custom mailing boxes might be the right choice for you!

When there are so many packaging options available for eCommerce businesses, why should you choose the printed one? Self-locking mailing boxes are one of the most environmentally friendly options out there, being made from 100% recyclable materials and sturdy enough to be used again and again for their intended purpose. Aside from the environmental benefits of using recyclable packaging materials, customised mailing boxes can be a powerful marketing tool when used as a creative outlet to express your brand. They can give your customers a memorable unboxing experience, especially when seasonal colours are released.

Let’s explore the benefits of custom printed self-locking mailing boxes in more detail!

Custom Mailing Boxes Business Benefits

custom mailing boxes pink

The first thing to consider when choosing your packaging is how it will impact the business. The cost and quality of the packaging must be balanced to ensure the best fit for your products and company. These are our top business benefits for self-locking mailing boxes:

  • Affordable: Self-locking boxes are some of the most affordable packaging boxes available on the market. Buying in bulk often applies an additional discount to already affordable materials, which makes them accessible to businesses of all sizes. For little additional cost, these boxes can be customised, which can still give an up-scale vibe to your packages.
  • Reduced Delivery Costs: These boxes alone are lightweight because they’re made from paper products. This reduces the cost of the shipment as the weight being measured is mostly the weight of the product and not the weight of the packaging.
  • Product Protection: Products that arrive safe and sound at their destination, free of wrinkles or damage, are less likely to be returned by your customers. Increased customer satisfaction ensures less returns and repeat business. The corrugated cardboard is crush and puncture resistant and will protect products from normal handling during the shipping process.
  • Secure: The self-locking flaps are designed to stay closed without the use of tape or other adhesive, so when tape is added you can be sure that these boxes will not fall or be crushed open during shipping.
  • Easy to Store: As these boxes are delivered to you flat-packed, they are easy to store and take up little room. This means they’re fresh and strong when you’re ready to assemble, pack, and ship your goods.

Custom Mailing Boxes Marketing Benefits

custom mailing boxes white printed

Custom mailing boxes are becoming more and more popular among businesses of all sizes for a range of reasons including additional marketing, customer retention, sustainability, and affordability. Here are some great marketing benefits that you can get from using these boxes in your packaging strategy:

  • Consistent Branding: When you have control over the branding of your packaging it increases the chances of return customers. This is great if you are looking to increase your customer retention and improve the re-purchase rate. The more of your packaging you can get your brand on, the more likely customers both old and new will remember your brand and potentially come bag for new purchases, or even recommend you to friends and family.
  • Creativity: If you are looking increase the creativity and memorability of your packaging, then custom mailing boxes could be the perfect solution! There are no limits to what you can get printed on these boxes, so why not encourage a little creativity!
  • Versatile: Custom mailer boxes are quite versatile because they come in a large variety of sizes and shapes to fit all products. They’re the perfect way to ensure brand consistency across all different sizes of your products, even bundles!
  • Unboxing experience & User-generated Content: These boxes provide customers with an incredible unboxing experience, which is something else that’s becoming expected more and more from companies. Opening a fancy box to reveal the item you’ve been waiting for feels like getting a present, so why not take advantage and give your customers something to look forward to the next time they order from you! A good unboxing experience is likely to prompt your customers to take photos or video to share across social media, which is great user-generated content to add legitimacy to your online presence as a business.

What Are The Sustainability Benefits of These Mailing Boxes?

kraft brown mailing boxes

Sustainability is something that must be considered when choosing your packaging, and these boxes are the best way to do it! Here are some of the reasons you should consider this for your business:

  • Reusability: By sending your customers quality mailing boxes you are increasing the chances that they may be reused in the future. Many people buy and sell goods online now and your customers will appreciate a box that can be reused in the future.
  • Lightweight: These boxes are lightweight, which means they don’t impact the cost of shipping. Less weight in shipping means less emissions from transport.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: These boxes are environmentally friendly because they are largely made from recycled materials or materials that can easily be recycled many times. Choosing eco-friendly materials for your custom packaging can allow your company to reduce its environmental impact. Aside from the benefits to our earth, choosing greener materials can have a positive effect on your corporate reputation and can allow you to reach customers interested in pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Seasonal Customised Mailing Boxes

printed seasonal gift giving boxes

Have you ever considered holiday exclusive versions of your packaging? November and December are undeniably the busiest months of the year as everyone gears up for Christmas, so why not incorporate custom mailing boxes to your holiday season business strategy?

Seasonal packaging is proved to help with boosting sales, increase customer satisfaction with both online and in-person experiences, and can spark word-of-mouth advertising that can lead to increased activity on your social media accounts. This packaging can be used to advertise seasonal sales, including big holidays such as Christmas and New year as well as company news such as product launches or sales to celebrate the business’s birthday. A huge advantage of custom boxes is their ability to double as an effective marketing tool. Seasonal designs allow you and/or your marketing team to get creative and expand on your core branding for a limited time to add a sense of whimsy in a place where you may not expect it.


Custom mailing boxes are extremely versatile and have a huge range of benefits that can help your company reduce its environmental impact, reach new customers, and advertise the brand. If you need printed mailing boxes made, we at NEON eCommerce Packaging can help you! Our team of experts will help you adapt your design to get the best result for your business, simply ask us how!


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