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Benefits of Using Cardboard Mailing Box for Shipping

Apr 17, 2023Louise Edgecombe

As a business owner, you know exactly how stressful shipping can be. On top of often complicated shipping processes, you must choose good quality packaging that will protect your product while it’s transported to its destination. Luckily, the best way to ship your goods is with a cardboard mailing box!

These mailing boxes are the most popular way to ship goods for eCommerce businesses, even though you may not think corrugated cardboard boxes are strong enough for the task at first thought. When made of sturdy cardboard, these mailing boxes can successfully handle more weight than you’d expect! These boxes not only manage to handle heavy loads but also provide solid advantages to manufacturers and distributors who must transport and store products daily.

Shipping Benefits of Cardboard Mailer Boxes

custom white cardboard mailing box

Let us introduce you to some of the benefits of cardboard boxes as there are tons of benefits to using these boxes for your business.

  • Lightweight: Cardboard mailing boxes are lightweight. This means they are easy to store, ship, and assemble for both businesses and individuals. They will not add much to the total weight of your package so that you can pay less for shipping, which is why mailer boxes are a popular option for small businesses.
  • Secure: The unique design of these boxes prevents them from breaking open in the mail. The flaps are designed to lock into the gap between the two walls of cardboard, which makes the boxes sturdy as well as secure.
  • Protective: These boxes are strong and are resistant to damage from postage handling. They will protect your products from the vibrations and shifting of cargo while on the road. They are crush and puncture resistant as well, so the likelihood of your package sustaining that kind of damage is greatly reduced.
  • Safety Corners: Cardboard mailing boxes do not have sharp edges which can cause harm in moving and transport. This makes them safer for stacking and handling.
  • Easy to Assemble: These mailers are delivered to you flat pack and are easy to assemble. Each box can be assembled in less than 2 minutes and come with video instructions to follow in case you get stuck!

Business Benefits of Cardboard Mailer Boxes

These mailer boxes also come with benefits for your business. These are some of our favourite ones!

  • Cost-efficient: Cardboard mailer boxes are cost-efficient as the raw materials used to create them are affordable. The shape is easy to cut, and the material is lightweight and easy to move, which helps reduce the price of labour. These boxes are in such high demand that supplier must offer them for competitive prices, thus reducing the cost of the product. Boxes are very convenient and can fit many goods inside while also being lightweight enough not to heavily impact the cost of shipping.
  • Sizing: Probably one of the best features of the cardboard mailing box is the size flexibility. There are many sizes and dimensions available on the market so you can find the best solution for your individual business or product needs.
  • Marketing Tool: customisable cardboard mailing boxes can also be used as a marketing tool by effectively branding them with your logo, colours, and fonts. The material of the corrugated packaging box can be customised to aid in your company’s advertising and brand exposure. Bespoke branding is a terrific approach to leave a good impression on your consumers as it looks both more professional and shows off your company personality. Adding a personal or hand-finished touch to your packages, such as a branded stamp, sticker, or handwritten notecard is sure to cement your brand in the minds of your customers. It’s proven that a personal touch will encourage your customers to return to make more purchases, and to recommend your business to their friends and family.
  • Unboxing Experience: Cardboard mailer boxes provide customers with an excellent unboxing experience which is an element of online shopping and ecommerce that is being demanded more and more from businesses. Opening a package feels very similar to opening a present, so creating an extra special experience is greatly appreciated by the customer. Extra finishing touches such as hand tied ribbons, a free sticker or notecard, or a discount code for their next purchase is a fantastic way to encourage repeat purchases.

Environmental Benefits of Cardboard Mailer Boxes

Cardboard mailing boxes

As the world becomes more and more conscious of its environmental impact, the demand for eco-friendly packaging is steadily increasing. Luckily, these carboard boxes fit the bill! They are sturdy enough to be reused as boxes many times before the become damaged or weak enough to finally be broken down to be recycled. The process involved in creating cardboard is far more environmentally friendly than that of single use plastics, and most plants are set up to recover and reuse most of the chemicals used in the process. Once the cardboard has been used, it can be broken down and reformed into new cardboard so the process can begin all over again.

By using cardboard mailer boxes, combined with eco-friendly void-fill materials, you can show your customers your dedication to reducing your environmental impact without having to advertise it. Customers are far more likely to purchase from businesses that do their part to protect the environment.

Customise your Self-Locking Mailing Boxes

white and pink cardboard mailing boxes

The most amazing thing about these self-locking mailing boxes is that they can be customised to suit your business. Here are the most popular ways to do so:

  • Custom dimensions: Because of the low cost of the materials, cardboard boxes can be assembled in custom dimensions quite easily. This can help reduce shipping costs by having the perfect sized box for your product to reduce the amount of empty space you ship.
  • Custom Pattern: Your self-locking mailing boxes can be printed on! The amount of designs available are limited only by your imagination! You can add your company logo, a pattern in your brand colours, or even customise boxes individually for each customer. You could also add in some advertising for your other products, or simply add information on where to find your business on social media.


cardboard mailing boxes

Carboard mailing boxes are hugely beneficial for your business, and we at NEON eCommerce Packaging are proud to supply them to you! Our team of experts will help you adapt your design to get the best result for your business, simply ask us how!


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