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Custom printed paper bags have shown to be a useful tool in the busy world of retail shopping. These bags represent your business wherever they go, acting as walking billboards in addition to being carriers for your merchandise. Black paper bags stand out among the many options available as a classic and adaptable option for a variety of situations. In this post, we'll examine the reasons behind the popularity, where to find them at wholesale prices, what to think about before buying, and bulk purchase offers and discounts. 

Why Choose Black Paper Bags? 

Black is a colour that embodies elegance and luxury, and they offer a sophisticated, stylish canvas for personalised printing, making your company name and logo stand out. 

They are a neutral canvas that goes well with any colour scheme, making them appropriate for most businesses and events. They provide a sense of sophistication and timeless style to any project, whether you're packing high-end retail items, making gift bags for a particular occasion, or just giving your consumers a chic carrier. 

NEON’s Black Premium Paper Bags are environmentally sustainable in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. These bags are recyclable and biodegradable, which makes them a sensible option for companies trying to lessen their environmental impact, yet still provide a premium gifting or retail experience. 

Where to Buy Black Gift Bags in Bulk 

Finding a dependable supplier to buy in bulk is the next step, now that we've established the benefits. NEON Packaging has a convenient selection of three sizes from small to large. As a best seller, it’s clear that Sydney businesses agree that these bags are perfect for a variety of occasions. With the ability to custom brand black paper bags, NEON Packaging provides high quality print for any businesses who want to leave a lasting image, all while upholding a dedication to producing premium and eco-friendly products. 

To learn more, read more in our blog “Choosing the Best Custom Paper Bags for Your Business. We share valuable insights into the various types of the product is available and how to choose the best ones for your specific needs. 

NEON also provides an avenue for businesses to elevate their branded experience with custom printed paper bags. Read our blog “Unleash Your Creativity with Custom Printed Paper Bags to get inspiration and tips on designing eye-catching bags that effectively promote your brand. 

What to Consider Before Buying Bulk

When buying black paper bags in bulk, there are a few things to consider even though black is a timeless option.  

  • Bag Size: It’s essential that they are the correct size for your products. You can either carefully measure your products and compare them to the sizes listed on the website, or you can order a sample to test the fit in person. 
  • Paper Strength: Select paper that is robust and long-lasting so that it can support the weight of your merchandise. Check the GSM of the paper before purchasing. The higher the number, the stronger the paper is. 
  • Customisation:  You should always consider the customisation choices that the supplier offers. Personalised are an effective marketing tool, so it’s a good idea to check this for your business. NEON provides a range of Custom Branded Packaging options for you to choose from. 
  • Environmental Impact: Select vendors who place a high value on sustainability and offer bags manufactured from sustainable or recycled materials. This not only enhances the perception of your brand but also reflects the values of many eco-aware customers. 

Bulk Purchase Deals and Discounts 

It is a wise decision for companies intending to invest a significant amount of money to look into bulk purchase offers and discounts. Buying in bulk not only guarantees your company will always have bags on hand, but it also frequently results in cost savings. Taking advantage of these deals allows you to stock up on black paper bags, ensuring you're well-prepared for various marketing initiatives and events. 


For businesses in Sydney Australia, they are a classic and adaptable option. Their sophisticated look, eco-friendliness, and versatility make them a great choice for gifting or retail. NEON Packaging provides high-quality and customisation choices. 

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