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Where to Buy Quality Cardboard Packing Boxes in Australia

Apr 04, 2024Sean Downs

Cardboard boxes are highly-favoured packing materials for different kinds of businesses. It has proven itself to be a trusted ally when shipping fragile or sturdy products. 

When you are running a business that sells diverse products, it is a must to invest in high-quality cardboard boxes to ensure that your items are presented well. 

Learn more on where you can buy quality cardboard packing boxes in Australia.

Benefits of Using Cardboard Boxes as Packaging

Secure Structure

The corrugated cardboard used in packing boxes uses a fluted structure; there is an outer layer, a crimped middle part and an outer layer. The fluted design makes it sturdy enough to hold heavy materials like homeware or electronic home appliances. Furthermore, the corrugated cardboard allows the box to maintain its shape during transit. It is not easily torn or broken.

Lastly, there is a lower chance of bacteria contaminating the products inside because the corrugated material of these packing boxes is moisture-resistant, hence preventing items from breaking apart while in transit.

Practical Choice

Cardboard storage boxes are available in a range of sizes helping you choose the accurate size for your products. The sizing options ensure that you get the box that will securely hold your products.

Also, these cardboard packing boxes are delivered flat-packed so they don’t take up too much space in your warehouse and are easy to store. They are also lightweight, so you don’t need to pay extra shipping costs when using a courier service to deliver your products.

Versatile Packaging

A cardboard box easily adapts to the products or items that it needs to contain. You can use it for soft products like linen, fleece or cotton-based items. It also works well with hard and solid products like kitchen or garden tools. Fragile items like glasses, lamps and porcelain have enough protection when packed inside a cardboard box. 

Another thing that adds to its versatility is the packing materials that you can pair it with. NEON’S tapes, fillers and wrapping paper are made with sustainably-sourced materials that help you present your product in an impressive way while minimising environmentall impact.

Where Can Quality Cardboard Packing Boxes Be Purchased In Australia?

NEON Packaging offers high-quality cardboard packaging boxes in Australia. Our cardboard boxes are locally manufactured in Australia and use responsibly sourced materials following the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards where indicated on our website.

Contact us by phone: 1300 531 930

The single-wall B-flute (3mm) cardboard used in the cardboard storage boxes makes it lightweight but durable for your various business needs. We have several sizes to choose from - A4, Quarter A4, Half A4, A3, Large, Extra Large and Oversized cartons. 

With many size options, you can choose the best dimension that will fit the items you need to pack. Our packing box is highly compatible with other packing materials like the Kraft Paper Wrapping Roll, Diamond Protect Hex Wrap and Compostable Void Filler. These products add protection and security to your package by shielding it from friction and absorbing some of the movement that is inevitable when shipping.

NEON’s packing boxes are delivered flat-packed and can be assembled easily. With low minimum order quantities, you can order just the right amount that you need for your business. They are also reusable, making them a highly sustainable and eco-friendly packaging choice.

Email us at: info@neonpackaging.com.au


When it comes to purchasing quality cardboard packing boxes in Australia, NEON Packaging is a reliable option. Our locally manufactured boxes adhere to responsible sourcing standards, ensuring sustainability through FSC-certified materials. 

With a range of sizes available, businesses can find the perfect fit for their products, while the compatibility with additional packaging materials enhances protection during transit. Furthermore, our flat-packed delivery and low minimum order quantities contribute to cost-effectiveness and ease of use, promoting sustainability through reusability.

Therefore, for businesses seeking versatile, practical, and secure packaging solutions, NEON Packaging stands out as a commendable choice in Australia.

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