Choosing the Right Custom Prints for Your Valentine's Day Gifts

Choosing the Right Custom Prints for Your Valentine's Day Gifts

May 07, 2024Sean Downs

While hearts mainly symbolise Valentine's Day, there is more to this occasion than the mainstream icons we're used to - Cupid, hearts, and the red or pink colour to show romance.

This blog will provide you with a guide to the ten custom prints for your Valentine's Day gifts that you should try. 

Top 10 Ideas for Custom Prints for Valentine's Gift Box Designs

Valentine's Set

Valentine's Day is no longer for couples only. There's a new style of celebration that focuses on friendship or sisterhood, aptly named Valentine's Day. What's the perfect companion to a girl's celebration? A bottle of rosé! Pop in gummy bears, sparkly reusable cups, soothing eye patches, and a scented candle. You just created the whole vibe for a Valentine's celebration. 

Clean Beauty Routine

There are couples whose love language is to do their skincare routine together. A perfect present box would contain skincare products for him and her. It would be more impressive if all products were made using vegan and all-natural ingredients. 

Liquor Sampler

Are your recipient's homebodies or fond of home dates? A liquor sampler containing various drinks that can be consumed alone or mixed into a cocktail will add spice to their stay-home Valentine's date. Try to include beverages that can be paired with meats, salad, pasta, and dessert. This way, they can enjoy trying each liquor sample at every meal phase. 

Paired Spa Experience

Men deserve pampering, too, and what's sweeter than a pamper experience with their spouse or partner? Give the gift of relaxation by creating a spa kit for two containing body lotion, bar soap, bath bomb, body scrub, foot soak, and a loofah. Melt the stress together and feel the love in the air!

I love you a Latte (lot)!

Did you know that brewing your partner's morning coffee is love language?! Help your clients surprise their loved ones with freshly brewed coffee. Create a brewing set containing your bestselling coffee beans, creamer, stirrer, and filter. 

Scented Candles

Flowers are universally accepted gifts during Valentine's Day. Who can't resist a beautiful bouquet of red roses? Give a scented candle with the scent of her favourite flowers. It will last longer with flowers and can fill the whole room with a heavenly smell!

Sports Lovers

Are you a sporting goods company looking to increase brand awareness? Help your customers who are sports lovers enjoy their interests even more by curating a gift box containing sporting essentials for men and women. This ensures that couples can play and enjoy the game together.

Good Night Kit

This is perfect for busy couples. Quality sleep is necessary and can be challenging when the schedules get very hectic. Give your customers who want better sleep quality a chance to have a restful sleep with their partner. When they have enough sleep, it will mean less crankiness and more love! We recommend herbal teas, silk eye covers, and lavender essential oil. 

Family Game Set

Valentine's Day is not just for couples. Sometimes, it can be a family celebration. Make sure everyone is included by making a board game that matches a wide age range. It can involve cards, history quizzes, fill-in-the-blanks, or any unique game ideas that will engage the attention of all family members. 

Baking for Beginners

Encourage the whole family to explore a new culinary skill that needs everyone's cooperation. They can bake their Valentine's cake together and enjoy it as dessert after their home-cooked meal. Include the baking tools, a recipe card detailing all the ingredients they need, and an image of the intended result.

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Valentine's Day is a time to express love and appreciation for those who matter most in our lives, and what better way to do so than with thoughtful and personalised gifts? From celebrating friendship with a Valentine's set to indulging in a paired spa experience, there are endless opportunities to tailor gifts to the unique interests and preferences of our loved ones. 

Whether enjoying a liquor sampler for a cozy night in or embarking on a family baking adventure, the key is creating moments of joy, connection, and shared experiences. By exploring these top 10 custom print ideas, we can genuinely make this Valentine's Day one to remember for our cherished partners, friends, and family members alike.



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