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Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Eco-Friendly Paper Bags

May 06, 2024Sean Downs

Paper bags are good for the environment, but not all are of the same quality. The kind of Kraft bag you choose will impact your planned gift or product presentation. 

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging

Packaging made from environmentally friendly materials contributes to sustainable practices because the materials used for manufacturing are biodegradable and recyclable.

These are the following effects that paper bags have on the environment: 

  1. They break down naturally and don't cause additional harm like releasing toxic gases or having chemical residue after decaying. 
  2. They can be collected and processed in recycling plants.
  3. Only sustainable sources are used. The raw materials come from ethically managed forests or recycled fibres.
  4. When prioritising using Kraft paper bags in your businesses, you help decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Five Types of Reusable Bags

Brown and white bags come in different styles to accommodate various needs. These are the most popular kinds:


  • Simple design with no handles or gussets
  • Best for lightweight items 
  • Used in retail shops for small clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics articles. 


  • Have expandable sides (gussets) that create extra space
  • Ideal for bulkier items
  • It can be used for books and groceries

Twisted Handle

  • Handles are typically made from cord or paper
  • Offer a comfortable grip
  • Used by high-end shops and boutiques
  • Make the bags look elegant while being easy to carry


  • Handles are directly cut into the bag, giving the bag a seamless look
  • Popular as takeaway bags for cafes and bakeries
  • Easy to hold


  • Made from recycled paper
  • Strong and durable
  • Versatile and can be used in retail shopping, restaurants, or gifting

Key Considerations for Selecting the Ideal Paper Bag


The size of your bag will determine its capacity. Depending on what you will put inside, you need to choose a size that will fit your items properly—not too cramped and not too loose.


Check the bag's weight and sturdiness. Ensure it can contain your products securely without compromising the integrity and structure.


Think about the design you want to print on the bag, which will also affect your budget. Determine if your packaging needs an intricate design that can cost more or if a simple artwork would suffice. It would be best to consider the printing options and how they will blend with the bag's material.


Compare prices from various suppliers and check if they offer discounts for wholesale orders. Remember to balance excellent quality with cost-effective prices.

Maintenance and Reuse Strategies for Recyclable Bags

  1. Keep paper bags in a cool, dry place without moisture. Do not expose them to direct sunlight; otherwise, the bags may discolour or fade.
  2. If your bags are exposed to dirt, clean them with a damp cloth. Allow the bags to completely air dry before storing them again to prevent mildew or mold prevent mildew or mould from forming. 
  3. Promote recycling and reusing initiatives for your customers. You can provide incentives or discounts to customers who reuse paper bags whenever they purchase from you.

Neon Packaging's Paper Bags

Our bags come in three kinds:

Yes, you read that right! We have wine bags that can fit single or double bottles. 

The Kraft bags come in a range of sizes and have twisted paper handles which makes them perfect for retail stores. Our premium 250 gsm bags, including the wine bags, have woven paper handles and can hold heavier items, making them ideal for corporate gifting. 

NEON's customisable bags are available in black and white in three sizes. You can have your logo or brand name on one or both sides. These bags are 100% recyclable and can be used as storage or gift bags for the next occasion. 


Selecting eco-friendly paper bags involves considering various factors such as size, durability, customisation options, and budget. By opting for paper bags made from sustainable materials, you contribute to environmental conservation efforts. 

Whether you choose a flat, gusseted, twisted handle, die-cut, or Kraft bags, each type serves specific purposes and offers distinct benefits. Additionally, implementing maintenance and reuse strategies ensures prolonged use and minimises waste. 

At Neon Packaging, we offer a diverse range of eco-friendly paper bags tailored to meet different needs, from retail to corporate gifting. By making informed choices and prioritising sustainability, we can collectively positively impact the environment while meeting our packaging requirements.

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