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Creating Memorable Valentine's Day Gifts with Custom Printed Gift Bags

May 07, 2024Sean Downs

Valentine’s Day is one celebration worldwide with a unified theme and interpretation. It is a day to show love to friends, family members, and romantic members. We may differ in our ways of expressing our love but there is one common denominator we all share: gift-giving helps us express our love. 

However, we have to acknowledge the reality that not everyone has the time to arrange gifts in a box or to intricately wrap a present. Custom-printed gift bags can help you save time, energy, and effort.

This blog post will share tips on how you can create memorable Valentine’s Day gifts with custom-printed gift bags.

Crafting Unforgettable Valentine’s Gifts with Personalised Bags

Gift ideas can be elusive especially when you’re a busy person. Explore these ideas for gift bags that help you prepare impressive gifts minus the hassle. 

Lover’s Portrait

Say I love you in a unique way by printing your best photo together on the bag’s surface. You can have your photo printed on one side and then a huge Happy Valentine’s greeting on the other side. There are also different approaches to printing the picture, you can request for a black-and-white style or coloured printing. 

Lolly Cover

Are you preparing a Valentine’s gift bag for a special someone who likes lollies? You can have a candy assortment design. Think coloured gumballs, jelly beans, or gummy bears. You will have a very vibrant bag design that will surely brighten up your special someone’s day. 

Better yet, include their favourite candy assortment in the bag packed inside small heart-shaped packets to make it the sweetest gift ever!

Eternal Flowers

If you are a garden or flower shop, using printed flowers on your Valentine’s promo bags makes them an effective marketing tool. Having a design that is strongly connected to your product helps reiterate your brand’s image. 

You can print a single flower only, maybe your bestseller, or create a garden-like image containing all the flowers that you offer in your shop. This helps introduce your products to loyal and new customers alike. 

Watercolour Painting

Fitting for an arts and crafts specialty store, a watercolour-painted bag can be very romantic especially if you use shades of pink and red accented by white. You can also turn the bag into a DIY kit by providing painted parts and then numbering the unpainted ones that they can complete with the painting kit you’ll be providing. 

Teddy Bear

Whether small or big, teddy bears are undeniably cute. If your business sells different kinds of stuffed toys, you can have teddy-bear-themed bags bearing a Valentine’s greeting.  To make it more personalised, you can give your customers the freedom to choose what colour they’d like their teddy bear to be. 

Heart-shaped Balloons

Balloons add a feeling of festivity to any celebration. However, since they are made of plastic, they are bad for the environment. An innovative way to still include balloons in the Valentine’s celebration without harming the environment is to make them your paper bag design. 


Wine bags usually come in monochromatic hues. You can bring life to the wine bag by using a ribbon. You can completely wrap the bag using strips of ribbon or tie a glittery big bow around it. 

NEON Packaging’s Customised Paper Bags

Here at NEON, we have customisable paper bags that are made with 250 gsm paper. This ensures that our bags can carry somewhat heavy products like scented candles, flower vases, or tumblers. 

The bags are available in black or white and can be printed on one or both sides using our CMYK printing method. The customisable bags may not have a glossy surface but the matte finish coupled with our full-colour printing gives it a sophisticated vibe. 

Furthermore, they come with woven paper handles to make them easy to carry. They are 100% recyclable and can be repurposed into home storage or as gift packaging for the next event.

Explore our Custom Gift Bags Collection


Custom-printed gift bags offer a convenient and creative solution for expressing love and appreciation on Valentine's Day. Whether it's a heartfelt portrait, a vibrant candy-themed design, a floral arrangement, an artistic watercolour painting, a cuddly teddy bear motif, or an eco-friendly balloon concept, personalised bags add an extra touch of thoughtfulness to your gifts.

At NEON Packaging, our customizable paper bags provide durability, versatility, and eco-friendliness, making them an ideal choice for carrying various Valentine's Day presents. With our high-quality printing and recyclable materials, you can create memorable gifts that not only convey your affection but also contribute to sustainability. So this Valentine's Day, let your love shine through with personalised gift bags that make your gestures even more special.

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