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Gift Boxes Spotlight: Best Color Themes for Every Personality

Oct 24, 2022Taylor Downs

Gift boxes spotlight ideas to enhance the gifts and products inside, providing a delightful unboxing experience. These boxes are practical and sturdy, with excellent premium packaging for packing gifts and homeware. Whether your interests lie in stylish packaging to show off your brand by matching to your brand colours, or you are looking for a high-quality packaging box to protect your products in-transit, we can provide options that are both fit for purpose and help connect your Brand style, both emotionally and meaningfully, with your customers. How about using magnetic gift boxes available in different trendy colours?

Aside from the protection that durable packages can offer, the box scheme adds a special touch to the item you send. If you can go with any you want, choosing the perfect one that suits you and the one who will receive the gift is much more critical. How is this so?

Personalised gift boxes with colour themes are not just about choosing a shade. Most of the time, it reflects you and your recipient's personality. Note that emotions are often interrelated. That is why it is essential in the unboxing experience of those who receive the packages.

Let's look at the available colours you can choose and give to someone on various occasions in a year.

Neon pink

pink magnetic gift box

One of the brightest available is neon pink. It is a very bright shade of pink. If you wear similar, expect it to glow in the sunlight. How about if you use this shade for your gift box? Will it also glow while your recipient opens the package?
Neon pink falls between the shades of red and white. It takes the passion and energy of red and tempers with the purity and cleanliness of white. What does it explain for someone's personality? Neon pink often symbolises youth, good health, playfulness, and first love. It is also best for nurturing femininity.

So, who is suitable to receive a gift plastered with neon pink? Your teen siblings, nieces, or anyone still young can accept it. A neon pink package brings the magical side of gift-giving.

Small businesses specialising in fashion and beauty products can communicate better with their customers using a neon pink gift box. It radiates beauty and romance, which can help female customers have a sophisticated unboxing experience. 

Products for preteens and teens - hair clips, lip balms and small makeup kits - would look trendy in a neon pink box. This makes your products relatable to young girls who love bright colours.

Mint green

magnetic green boxes

Mint green is often called the freshest shade of green. If you ask why, well, imagine the freshness and pleasing effect when you touch and observe the properties of this pastel. Additionally, the term "mint green" evokes the feeling of summer and the taste of ice cream. Sounds exciting.

If you know what a pastel means, you will see that mint green is part of a group of colours named after their pigment forms. Aside from the freshness that this shade provides, it also evokes lightness. Its association with nature makes it a unique and go-to shade for many people.

What does mint green explain for an individual's personality? Mint is a vibrant shade of green. Since it profoundly links with the colour of nature, it brings stability, endurance, and emotional harmony. It has calming vibes, which is why it is always used in show business.

Who are the best people to receive a mint green gift box? Well, you can always think about the people on the business side. They could be your coworkers, your boss, or even a friend dealing with much stress at work. You can also give a package wrapped in the mint green shade to your parents who may have been facing difficulties with their personal lives. Note that mint green represents tranquillity, good luck, and better health. Who doesn't love a calm and relaxing feeling, right?

A growing eCommerce brand will benefit from using a mint green PR box. Small businesses operating in the wellness and health niche can impress their customers with a mint green gift box because it gives the impression of being a healthy brand. 

This colour also works for companies that produce supplements and vitamins, as mint green symbolises growth and energy. It helps you connect with health-conscious customers who practice a sustainable lifestyle.



black magnetic gift box

Black is associated with a strong personality. It can represent strength, boldness, authority, elegance, power, and sophistication. Although this colour is always associated with the unknown or the negative, its versatility and strong effect make it the perfect shade of package to give to someone.

Regarding personality, the shade of black affects how the mind and body react. It can create an inconspicuous feeling, boost someone's confidence, and increase their potential. A black magnetic present has many uses. Aside from gift-giving, you can also use it for corporate presents, easter hampers, promotional companies, wine luxury hampers, and food.

When used correctly, black is the epitome of luxury. Retail stores selling perfumes, body oils and gourmet snacks can give their products a premium look with NEON's customisable black gift boxes. 

A black gift box enhances the unboxing experience by building anticipation and increasing customer satisfaction. These factors are essential for a brand trying to grow its client base.

The best people to receive black gift boxes include the following:

  • Your father – perfect for wine presents, a black package fits well with this gift's nature.
  • Your girlfriend—Perfect for jewellery and cosmetics for your girlfriend, the black nature of this box adds sophistication and elegance to the present.


    white magnetic gift box

    Let's all accept this: White is the symbol of peace and purity. It can also be the best colour for happiness and joy. White illuminates. It helps our minds focus and aids in organising things. It brings clarity and simplicity. For some people, white is the symbol of knowledge and learning.

    Where do you usually see the shade of white? How about weddings? Although already familiar, using white as the theme for your wedding is the best approach you can execute. Although universal, it is the safest choice, and you'll never go wrong with the shade! No, who should receive a white package?

    • We have good bridesmaid gift boxes for your girlfriends.
    • Your friend who may have recently recovered from illness. Choosing white is the best option as it also signifies good health and joy in life.
    • Your stylish friend as a white shade often brings a classy and luxurious taste.

    White gift boxes are versatile and elegant, making them a good choice for luxury markets and corporate gifts. Its minimalist aesthetic allows the products to speak for themselves and helps your brand maintain a professional image.


    peach pastel

    Peach symbolises honour, happiness, wealth, and longevity. Its name is derived from the external tone of the peach fruit. Compared to orange (the nearest shade you can think of), peach brings comfort and joy.

    Suppose you know the feeling of watching beautiful sunrise and sunset. In that case, you will also have the same sensation of receiving a peach gift box. How much more if you choose this to give someone a special gift? This colour signifies a new beginning and the warmth that life can offer.

    It is best for your friend who has just delivered a beautiful baby. You can also opt for this colour for a colleague who has just received a suitable job offer. Peach-coloured packages help boost a person's confidence and have encouraging properties that elevate people.

    Customisable peach gift boxes have that warmth and charm to them. They give off a friendly vibe and are well-suited for small businesses targeting a youthful or feminine audience. Whether it's cosmetics, accessories, or gourmet treats, peach gift boxes offer a delicate and delightful unboxing experience.

    Where to get these coloured gift boxes?

    coloured gift boxes

    Our services do not only involve magnetic gift boxes and well-preserved packages. We also offer coloured boxes that you can choose and suitable for the person you will be presenting. The available colours are neon pink, mint green, black, white, and peach. Aside from these, we also have satin ribbons that you can add to your wrapping to add sophistication and elegance to your package.

    For more information on our coloured gift box ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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