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The Popular Large Gift Box with Lid in Australia

Nov 18, 2022Taylor Downs

Are you attending an occasion but need to know what kind of present to give? Is a large gift box on your mind but still undecided on the right size to choose? Rest assured, we are here to guide you in making your gift-giving unforgettable and one for the books.

 White and peach beautiful premium gift boxes

Planning for an occasion to attend is something tedious; however, what makes it more challenging is deciding which type of gift to offer. Part of this gift-giving is choosing the right size to ensure that your gift item fits perfectly to the package and the quality is not compromised. Below is a guide to help you determine the perfect gift and package capacity for an upcoming celebration.

#1 During the holidays:

Christmas gift boxes are gonna be popular. Aside from the usual family gathering, gift-giving has always been part of the tradition. While there are a lot of gift ideas during this occasion, choosing the appropriate gift boxes sizes plays a role in keeping your gift safe and protected. For example, if you wish to give your dad or uncle a variety of wines, you will have to choose a more extensive package for that. A large gift box is enough to fit a fragile bottle of wine.

Note: You can also use the same size for the Father’s Day celebration.

#2 During birthday parties:

Say your niece is having a birthday party. Chocolates would be the perfect gift since most kids have a sweet tooth. We think it’s safe to say that children love chocolates! So, what is the ideal size of the package to use? Since this will not be a fragile present, opting for a small magnetic gift box is enough to hold different classes of chocolates. What makes it more advantageous is that these boxes can come in handy for children.

#3 During weddings:

One of the unique traditions in an Australian wedding is the bride proposing to her girlfriends to become her bridesmaid. It’s the best way to show how friends are being treasured as they are chosen to become part of an unforgettable day. One way to extend the proposal is by sending them packages filled with items necessary for the upcoming ceremony. Some of the best examples are matching robes – which everyone can use on the morning of the wedding preparation; next are personalised mugs and perfume – which serve as the perfect way to make them feel extra cherished as you choose them to be your bridesmaid. In terms of the right package, you can choose a large packaging to handle all these fantastic gift ideas.

Some gift ideas that you can give according to different box sizes

 peach gift boxes

Skincare essentials. 

The best examples of this gift idea include facial masks, moisturisers, makeup products, toners, facial creams, body scrubs, face massagers, and body lotions. These items are enough to fit in a medium gift box.

Pastel Green Gift boxes

Sparkling wine and other beverages.

This gift idea is perfect for the Father’s Day celebration. Let’s accept it – our dads and grandpas like to feast on beer and other alcoholic beverages. Since some of these beverages can come in cans and glass bottles, opting for a large gift box is an intelligent choice. Aside from keeping the drinks in place, this choice of package size can keep them safe and protected.

white premium magnetic gift box

Kitchen wares

Some gifts do not need to be luxurious. Sometimes, the classic ones make someone’s heart warm and overwhelming. You are definitely right if you think it would be kitchen wares and equipment. And who would be the perfect person to treasure and appreciate them? They would be our moms. If you wish to make this gift-giving more memorable, you can opt for well-designed and golden kitchen wares, not the typical set of racks you see in supermarkets. Since this gift idea is fragile, medium to large packaging will fit them perfectly and keep them extra safe.

premium black magnetic gift box

A photo frame or album

Make your moments with your girlfriend extra memorable. You can do so by compiling all your pictures in one single album. A small gift box is enough to fit this gift idea and ensure you also customise the package to give it a personal touch and make it more appealing.

Where to find the appropriate sizes?

The size of the box is as important as choosing the design of the package. How is this relevant?

One of the elements to consider when choosing a package is its size—the measurement matters just like your chosen present. If the size of your gift is large, you need oversized packaging. A smaller box is sufficient if your presence does not require intensive protection. It would be best to overlook this rule to ensure your gift is well-protected. It also makes the unboxing experience unforgettable.

What are other things to consider? First, you need to know if the present is fragile or not. Second, you need to determine your present’s weight. Does it require enough protection? Lastly, does your gift has enough room for security and safety?

What are the available sizes we offer? Consider the following:

SMALL: 20cm X 15cm X 6.5cm
MEDIUM: 22cm x 18cm x 10.5cm
LARGE: 37cm x 27cm x 10.5cm
EXTRA LARGE: 41.5cm x 35cm x 7.5cm

We also offer the following features:

  • Our boxes are available in different colours, such as White, Black, Peach, Mint Green, or Neon Pink.
  • These boxes are delivered flat-packed.
  • Available in a 1-piece, easy-to-assemble box with magnetic closure at front.
  • These boxes have so many uses. They are easy to repurpose as storage boxes or reuse as packing boxes.
  • Our boxes are stylish and durable.
  • Self-locking mailing boxes to fit. Are you shipping Premium Gift Boxes? Add mailing boxes that fit perfectly with the corresponding gift box size.

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