Gift Box Ideas That You Should Know

3 white gift boxes with different sizes

What are Gift Boxes?

Gift boxes are packaging supplies primarily used to hold gifts. The items are usually placed horizontally. It saves time and energy because the flat surface makes organisation easier.

These boxes come in different colours and styles. They can either be circular, rectangular, or square. However, there are also uniquely shaped gift boxes that are made to order.

One advantage of gift boxes is that you can sort them according to themes, colours, and sizes.

How are they used?

Despite its name, gift boxes can serve various purposes. It depends on the person’s need and available space.


You can use them to store clothes, shoes, old kitchen appliances, and memorabilia like photo albums or souvenirs. They are also useful for keeping sewing materials.

Some people personalise them with labels so they can easily identify what they have kept in those boxes.

Home or Office Decor

Most gift boxes are customised  and they have attractive designs. Reuse them as tissue holders or picture frames.

Children’s Toys

You can refashion the boxes into a puzzle or toy chest. You can add some embellishments to them by adding their name or any favorite cartoon character to encourage them to reuse these boxes.

2 white gift boxes small and medium

Creative ways to present Gift Boxes

Pleats and Florals

If you have old construction paper lying around, you can use it to cover the box and create pleats to make your gift look classy. There are many YouTube tutorials on how to make paper pleats when covering gift boxes.

One way to give more life to the pleats is by adding small dried flowers and inserting them between the folds or sealing them with wax.

Newspaper nostalgia

Did you once collect clippings of newspaper comics? If you have quite a lot and they’re just gathering dust in your closet, maybe you can consider using them to cover their box for a nostalgia-themed approach.

Aside from the comics section, you can also use the horoscope or feature news section which sometimes uses beautiful pictures.

Suminagashi Method

This Japanese method of marbling plain paper with water and ink dates back to the 12th century. This is done by dropping ink on the water’s surface and then placing the paper on top to lift the ink.

Furoshiki Wrapping

This cloth-wrapping method originated in Japan and is one way to encourage zero-waste gifts because you will be giving a reusable box and cloth that can be repurposed in many ways.


Your sewing box may be hiding some forgotten spools of yarn that are still in good condition. You can wrap this around the box and even combine the yarns to make different patterns.

Design Tips for the Best Gift Box

Here are some simple tips to guide you in choosing the best gift boxes for your giveaways or events.

3 white wedding boxes with names on it

Connect with the celebration

Make sure that your chosen design resonates with the event, occasion, or festivity. It would be really weird to receive a gift on your birthday that is designed like it was for a wedding. It’s also not a good idea to prepare a product sampler box that is too small and looks like you forced all the items inside.


Harmony is not just for music. It also applies to how you blend your design elements to give your gift box a cohesive appearance. Play around with textures, colours, and shapes that complement instead of class. Some quite versatile textures are velvet ribbons and metallic foils.

Memory Makers

Whether you are gifting for business or personal reasons, your gift packaging should serve as a memory maker. Your recipient should be able to enjoy it in the present and fondly remember your gesture in the future.

Marketing Benefits of Gift Boxes

Brand promotion

Gift-giving involves two parties, the giver and the receiver. Receivers are always curious about who sent them gifts and will find out who sent them a package. When they see a gift box with your brand name on it, they will feel cared for - an effective way of promoting your brand without being too salesy and pushy.

Satisfying customer experience

Using a gift box shows that you value your products and want your customers to experience the best when using them. This gives them a good customer experience with your packaging and products, encouraging them to make repeat orders and refer you to their circle.

Innovative advertisement

How you make your customers feel through the experiences you provide for them is the best advertisement you could probably make. Gift boxes  are the perfect vehicle for this because people can touch and look at it, making it easier for them to check and appreciate your products.

Distinction from others

The majority of these gift boxes can be personalised with your brand logo and slogan so you can incorporate them with colours, patterns, or icons that best symbolise your business. This is also effective when you’re sending out PR boxes and they are featured in social media reviews because visually attractive boxes catch the attention of viewers and will make them curious about your brand.

Gift Boxes for Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifts foster connections by giving gifts to customers, business partners, and employees thoughtfully and professionally. When preparing your boxes for corporate gifting, you have to make sure that it looks luxurious and personalised.

Custom gift boxes help by allowing you to tailor your present boxes to your recipient’s personalities and interests. Whether you’re curating a tech box, snack pack, or self-care set, gift boxes make it easier for you to prepare corporate gifts that are impressive and memorable.

Exploring the Advantages of Corporate Gifting

How to Choose the Best Gift Box

There are many factors to consider but the ones we listed below are the major considerations that you have to think about when purchasing boxes for gifts.


The reason why you are creating a gift box is a major factor that influences what kind of box you choose. You have to align the box type, size, and quality with the purpose so that it will help you achieve the objective you have in mind.

Spacious and durable

The gift box should be spacious enough - not too loose or tight. This impacts your arrangement and how the products will look inside the box. Also, a properly sized box will ensure that your products are protected during shipping because they won’t be all over the place.

Reputable Supplier

If you need gift boxes in bulk, it’s better to order wholesale so you can have consistent box quality throughout. Carefully choose the packaging company you’ll be buying from and ensure that they have certifications about their eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Choosing the Right Fit: A Guide to Reputable Personalised Gift Box Services (Sydney)

NEON Packaging’s Magnetic Gift Boxes

5 different colours of magnetic gift boxes

NEON Packaging’s premium magnetic gift boxes are customisable and high-quality. They have a sophisticated semi-matte finish with strong magnetic closure. The semi-matte finish is complemented by our CMYK printing giving it a beautiful appearance.

These boxes are suitable for wedding gifts, PR event product hampers, and event giveaways. They are sturdy and secure, preserving the item’s quality throughout shipping.

Are they eco-friendly?

Yes! Our customisable premium magnetic gift boxes are reusable many times and they can be used to store small trinkets that need covering because they are too difficult to find when they fall out.

Sprucing up your Customisable Magnetic Gift Boxes

Here are other NEON Packaging packing materials that can be used with our magnetic gift boxes.

Custom Branded Tissue Paper - Our customisable tissue paper can be printed with your logo. It is available in white or a specially requested colour. It is made of 17gsm paper which has a lovely translucent finish, making your gift box look more sophisticated than ever.

They are 100% recyclable and protect the items from scratches, dust and dirt.

Satin Ribbons - NEON’s satin ribbons are available in five colours and can match different aesthetics. They are glossy on one side and matte on the other with a finished edge to prevent fraying. These ribbons are 100% reusable and can be repurposed for arts & crafts or home decorations.

Key Takeaway

Gift boxes transcend their traditional role as mere packaging for presents, offering a multitude of functions limited only by creativity. From storage solutions to decorative accents and even avenues for imaginative crafting, their versatility knows no bounds. Crafting the perfect gift box entails thoughtful consideration of design elements, ensuring harmony and resonance with the occasion or brand identity. Moreover, their role extends beyond utility, serving as powerful tools for brand promotion, enhancing customer experiences, and distinguishing businesses in competitive markets. For corporate gifting, custom gift boxes provide a tailored touch that communicates professionalism and thoughtfulness.

When selecting the ideal gift box, factors like purpose, size, quality, and sustainability are paramount. NEON Packaging's premium magnetic gift boxes exemplify excellence in both form and function, offering durability, elegance, and eco-friendliness.

Complemented by customizable tissue paper and satin ribbons, they provide a complete gifting solution that elevates the recipient's experience. In essence, gift boxes are not just vessels for presents; they are conduits of creativity, connection, and lasting impressions, embodying the essence of thoughtful gifting in every aspect.