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Creative Ideas for Large Gift Boxes

Apr 10, 2024Sean Downs

Large gift boxes are perfect for gifting needs of a sturdy but presentable container. Aside from holding the gifts, they also keep the items safe and ensure they arrive in excellent condition so the customer can enjoy them. 

Many large gift boxes are made with sturdy material and despite their simple material, they can be customised to help them serve a protective and aesthetic purpose.

This blog will share creative ideas for large gift boxes to enhance your presentation and the box’s functionality.

Creative Ways to Decorate Large Gift Boxes

Poinsettia Spirit

A flower that is closely associated with Christmas, poinsettia represents goodwill and community. The vibrant red of this flower makes a strong impact and makes it a beautiful adornment on large gift boxes for presents. 

You can create poinsettia by using origami techniques or use reusable ones. There is high reusability for these flowers because it is used for decorations, especially on the Christmas tree or the dinner table for some occasions.

Beautiful Bows

For a classic take on the gift box, wrap a big bow around the box. This is a good opportunity to use colours and their symbolism to help you express your feelings. Also, if your business supports specific advocacy, you can use awareness ribbons to show what kind of cause you are supporting.

You can check this ribbon colour guide to confirm if you’re using the correct ones. Sharing your advocacy with customers tells them that you are not only in the business of selling but also in the business of caring.

Fantastic Florals

Are you in the business of flower gardening, perfumes or any kind of aromatic products? Covering your large boxes with a floral wrapper or using stickers printed with different kinds of flowers helps set your customer's expectations of what your products are. This is also useful for seasonal large gift box decoration like Valentine’s or Mother’s Day where flowers are recognised as a wonderful gift.

Monochromatic Minimalism

Even though we all agree that colours effectively catch people’s attention, using a plain brown, white or black cardboard box with only your logo can intrigue your customers about what’s inside. While colour builds anticipation, the simplicity of an object can build suspense. 

Also, there are certain products like apparel or bags that connect better to customers when their boxes and designs are simple and easy to understand.

Coloured Tapes

There are various kinds of adhesive tapes that can be used to seal boxes. You can experiment with coloured neon tapes. Some tapes have designs like lace and cartoon characters. However, these printed tapes may not have a very strong adhesive so you still need to secure the box with a strong packing tape. 

Additionally, there are biodegradable and compostable tapes made from recycled materials. When thrown in landfills, they decompose easily. You may want to consider these eco-friendly tapes so that you can reduce the waste coming from your packaging.

Foil Stamp

For that stunning logo you’ve always wanted, you may want to consider foil stamping - a process that creates beautiful designs and optical imagery using foil, metal, heat and pressure. You can choose from three foil types: metallic, pigment or holographic effect. 

Metallic foil stamping results in a shiny finish and usually works well with logos that are predominantly silver or gold. The pigment type can have either a matte or glossy finish, giving your box a luxurious vibe. Lastly, a holographic foil stamp results in a rainbow-like finish, like the ones you see on trading cards or promotional materials.


The art of gift-giving is not just about the contents but also the presentation and large gift boxes offer a canvas for creativity and expression. By exploring various decorative techniques and materials, businesses can enhance the gifting experience for their customers while also reinforcing their brand identity and values.

Furthermore, the consideration of eco-friendly options such as biodegradable tapes underscores a commitment to sustainability and responsible packaging practices, aligning with evolving consumer values and preferences.

The creative ideas presented for large gift boxes for presents serve not only to enhance the presentation of gifts but also to engage customers on multiple levels, from aesthetic appeal to environmental consciousness. By embracing innovation and attention to detail in gift box packaging design, businesses can leave a lasting impression and enrich the gift-giving experience for both givers and recipients alike.

Explore our range of large gift boxes and unleash your creativity today! 

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