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Enhancing the Art of Gift Giving: The Impact of Custom Packaging in Australia

Apr 08, 2024Sean Downs

Gift boxes help you to express your sentiments positively during special occasions. You’re giving importance not only to first impressions but also to creating a lasting memory.

Different occasions in Australia usually call for well-prepared gifts and by using custom packaging, you can turn your gift-giving from a customary act into an art.

This blog will discuss how custom packaging impacts gift-giving in Australia.

6 Ways that Custom Packaging Enhances Gift Giving

1. Enhances Emotional Connection

Buying a gift shows thoughtfulness but using customised packaging imbues the gift with a heavier meaning. Especially in contexts like corporate gifting, custom gift boxes reduce the transactional nature and makes it more meaningful.

One way to improve the impression made by custom boxes is to add a note with a special message. A simple message can have a profound impact on the receiver. NEON’s A6 note cards are customisable with your logo or preferred design that matches the thought that you want to express.

2. Shows your concern

Giving a gift that’s haphazardly wrapped versus a gift that comes in a printed paper bag or customised gift box shows that you want your loved ones or customers to receive the gift in pristine condition.

Using gift boxes made of durable materials like NEON’s premium gift boxes makes lightweight but impressive packaging. The semi-matte finish of these magnetic boxes gives it a luxe appearance while the strong closure makes it functional. You can make it more stylish and secure by using our Diamond Protect Hex Wrap that’s designed to stretch and interlock to secure the gift.

3. Allows you to be trendy or unique

Custom gift packaging can be designed according to your preferences. This makes it easier to have a paper bag or gift box that’s more aligned with your target market or friend’s preferences. Custom-made gift boxes in Australia come in different colours and sizes allowing you to choose packaging that reflects your brand values or personal sentiments.

However, if you feel that a printed paper bag is better for the product hamper or gift set you plan to prepare, NEON Packaging’s customised paper bags are the perfect containers. These bags are available in white or black in three sizes - small, medium and large. Your business logo or preferred symbol can be printed on both sides with full-colour printing.

4. Gives a joyful unboxing experience

When designed properly, custom boxes have the power to influence a person’s emotions. Customers notice all the details that go into a product’s packaging. It shows the amount of attention that business owners give to packing their products. A packaging’s look and feel are both important to creating a powerful impression on the customer’s mind. 

Made with sustainably sourced materials, NEON Packaging’s personalised boxes and custom-made gift boxes are lightweight but sturdy. The paper bags are made with 250 gsm paper while our boxes are crafted with reusable materials. They can be reused for other purposes long after the gift has been received - making the customer more satisfied with their purchase. 

5. Establishes your brand better

The special additions you can attach to a customised gift bag or customised gift box make it a storytelling device that shares your brand’s journey with the customers. Aside from the CMYK printing that we offer here at NEON Packaging, we also have packing supplies that help you reach out more effectively to your buyers. 

A small business selling hair accessories made for pre-teen and teenage girls can further improve their packaging by adding satin ribbons to the box or bag. Here at NEON, we have five colours for our satin ribbons featuring a glossy finish on one side and a matte finish on the other. 

6. Makes a positive difference in the environment

Going eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the sophisticated appearance that you are aiming for in customised packaging. Paper bags made from Kraft materials are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Custom boxes are made from durable recycled materials that allow them to be repurposed for various uses. 

NEON Packaging makes premium personalised boxes in Australia that are excellently presentable and reusable. Our personalised gift bags are crafted with responsibly sourced paper and feature woven paper handles for comfortable handling.


Custom packaging greatly enhances the art of gift-giving in Sydney. It strengthens emotional connections, showcases care for the recipient, allows for trendiness and uniqueness, provides a joyful unboxing experience, establishes brand identity, and contributes positively to the environment. 

By investing in custom packaging, individuals and businesses can improve the entire gifting experience and leave a lasting impression.

Make every occasion special with custom boxes and bags from NEON Packaging.

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