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Exploring Australia's Top 10 Gift Box Designs

Apr 06, 2024Sean Downs

Just as one shoe size can’t fit all, a single type of box is not suitable for different kinds of gifts.

If you are preparing corporate gifts, PR event giveaways or a birthday gift for a loved one, it is best to know the different kinds of boxes you can purchase in Australia.

This blog will discuss the top 10 gift box designs you can use for your next event.

Top 10 Gift Box Designs in Australia

Clamshell Box

A clamshell gift box is rectangular and contains a three-hinged lid that can be easily closed and opened. But, compared to other gift boxes with hinges located at the top, the clamshell box’s lids are located at the bottom, making it ideal for media presentation since the top and base areas of the product can be displayed. 

Because of its structure- a four-fold wall with single-spine support, it is ideal for holding paperback books, photos, and notebooks.

Retro Boxes

If you’re targeting a specific generation with your products and want to evoke nostalgia, a retro-design box can help you achieve that. You can experiment with colour and pattern combinations that are reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s. Most retro palettes blend dark and bright colours to make it eye-catching. 

You can also use sticker labels with a cursive font to truly create a ‘good ‘ol days’ sentiment. Using retro custom boxes for limited edition or special collection products is a good way to attract customers to purchase these exclusive release items.

Bookstyle Box

Intended for all kinds of books and notebooks or when you want your gift to be styled like a book, this box usually includes a single or double flip lid and uses a magnet or buckle to help it stay securely closed.

Magnetic Gift Box

Magnetic boxes are special because of its durability and closure. Its sturdy structure makes it a reliable choice for PR giveaways, wedding favours and corporate gift hampers. It has a sophisticated appearance that gives any gift a luxe presentation. 

NEON Packaging’s magnetic gift boxes are customisable and you can print a business logo or colourful artwork on the inner and outer side of the box's lid. It helps you stand out from a sea of boxes and bags at any event.

Explore NEON Packaging's wide range of gift box designs today and make your next event truly memorable. 

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Slipcase Style

This box doubles as a gift box and protective cover because of its firm material. It is usually used for books, CDs, DVDs and other paper-based gifts because the cardboard box’s rigid nature prevents it from being easily deformed or bent. 

Slipcase boxes have one spine-like wall that provides the primary support and form and includes a tray that slides in and out. The tray fits inside a bigger box that acts as the covering.

Shoulder Box

Commonly used by watch or jewellery companies, the shoulder box has an internal shoulder that allows the lid and base to fit together snugly. The shoulder can be partially or fully exposed. A partially concealed shoulder is revealed only when the box is opened while the latter does not have a specific height and is often used to provide colour contrast to the rest of the box.

Pop-up Boxes

Pop-up boxes are a good way to show maximum creativity and effort. When you run a small business that sells trinkets, flowers, or other dainty products, using a pop-up gift box makes your items more desirable to the buyers. 

Furthermore, pop-ups can be done in different ways - you can add hearts, flowers, or abstract shapes to showcase your products.

Lid Type

One of the most common types of gift packaging, lid-type boxes consist of a base box and a removable cover - that can be opened fully or partially. Most lid-type boxes are wide in dimension and can be used for cosmetics and small utensils.

Mailing boxes

Mailing boxes don’t need adhesive because they are self-locking. Mailer boxes are generally used for shipping which is why they are made with high-quality cardboard. 

NEON packaging’s mailer boxes are made from recyclable corrugated cardboard. It protects products while shipping. All our mailing boxes are size-matched to the premium customisable magnetic box, ensuring that you have the size you need for every event or order.

Fortune Cookie Style

As the name implies, fortune cookie boxes add anticipation to gift-giving. They are shaped like cookies and come in different colours. They can be opened and closed easily and often allow the addition of personalised messages. 

Fortune cookie boxes can be used for party favours and giveaways and will help your occasion be more memorable to guests because of the unique packaging.


The diverse present box designs in Sydney offer many options for various occasions and preferences. Whether you're aiming for functionality, aesthetics, or nostalgia, there's a suitable box design to enhance the presentation of your gifts.

Additionally, considerations such as durability, eco-friendliness, and customization further enrich the selection process, ensuring that your chosen box not only complements your gift but also reflects your values and intentions.

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