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Corporate gifting has become an important aspect of building and maintaining business relationships. Did you know that one of the first known gift-giving happened in 1883? An American businessman and philanthropist named John D. Rockefeller distributed calendars to his employees as a way to express his thoughtfulness.

Since then, many businesses adopted this practice to help them build strong relationships with their employees and clients. 

If you are a business owner, it is important to understand the advantages of corporate gifting. This blog post will share the benefits of preparing gifts for employees, customers and other business connections.

Benefits of Corporate Gifting to Businesses

Create, sustain and fortify connections

People will know your business only if you tell them it exists; this is known in the industry as brand awareness. It usually involves sharing information about your products and services and making them accessible to the public. The more your customers learn about your business and the more often they see you on social media, the more likely they are to trust your brand and make a purchase.

The first sales you make are crucial to establishing a long-lasting impression. Preparing corporate gift boxes is one way to gain people’s trust. This shows that you are serious about your business and care enough to present the products persuasively.

Corporate gifting is also essential for sustaining business connections you’ve made with employees, partners and clients. Giving gift boxes shows your desire to maintain the relationships you’ve forged and work on making them last for as long as possible.

Your corporate gift box can work properly if you use premium products like NEON Packaging’s customised magnetic gift box packaging that has a semi-matte finish and strong magnetic closure. You can print your company’s logo or a goodwill message on the cover to give it a special touch.

Level Up Your Brand’s Reputation

Assembling luxury gift boxes containing high-quality gifts inside will make customers and business partners feel truly appreciated. Giving one-of-a-kind present boxes that contain special items inside communicates that you think about them and give high importance to their presence in your business.

Consider leaving a small note using stickers. Here at NEON, we print A6 Note Cards that can be designed with your brand’s logo, colour themes, and images. Leaving a short note makes your gift hamper more heartwarming to receive.

Show Appreciation To Your Employees

When we say corporate gifting for employees, we don’t mean giving them the standard company merchandise. We are referring to unique gifts that make them feel valued as part of your company. You can assemble a corporate gift hamper containing artisanal chocolates, gourmet spices or homemade pastries.

You can give these gifts when a significant milestone has been achieved, an employee recovered from an illness and birthdays. This simple act can have a huge positive effect on their motivation and performance

Make these appreciation boxes more colourful by using our acid-free tissue paper in mint green or peach. Aesthetics aside, they help protect food items from contamination and damage.

Reduce The Distance Between Remote Team Members and Connections

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic happened, remote work has become an accepted form of working for many companies. Despite the flexibility it has offered, there are still many struggles that come with working remotely - isolation, physical barriers and lack of socialisation.

If you’re shipping product hampers over long distances, we highly recommend NEON’s self-locking mailer boxes that can be used with our premium magnetic gift boxes. These self-locking mailers are made from sustainably sourced corrugated cardboard and are 100% reusable.


Corporate gifting is a powerful tool for businesses to foster and nurture relationships with employees, clients, and partners. Through gifts, we can communicate sentiments that we can’t express with words. 

By investing in thoughtful and high-quality gift solutions, such as NEON Packaging's customizable options, companies can effectively enhance brand awareness, strengthen their reputation, and demonstrate genuine appreciation. It also shows your business’s effort to advocate for eco-friendly gifting options. 

Furthermore,  gifting can uplift employee morale, particularly in remote work scenarios, and bridge geographical gaps, fostering a sense of unity and belonging within the team. Distance should not be a negative factor in building linkages and partnerships. Preparing luxury gift boxes can help connect people no matter which part of the world they are.

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