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The Complete Guide for Selecting Ideal Paper Bag Sizes

Apr 02, 2024Sean Downs

Paper bags look very plain but they are an essential factor in giving gifts. Recent developments in the packaging industry have led to a wide range of choices for paper gift bags.

If you are preparing for your next event that involves preparing a gift, bookmark this complete guide for selecting ideal paper bag sizes.

Standard Criteria for Paper Bag Sizing

There are three measurements you need to familiarise yourself with when purchasing paper bags. The three numbers usually included in the bag descriptions follow the pattern width, gusset, and height.

Width is its size on the front, the gusset is the depth of the bag, and the height measurement indicates how tall the bag is.

A Guide on Selecting Appropriate Paper Bag Dimensions

Mini Paper Bags

Starting with the smallest, these paper bags can hold very limited quantities and are usually used for non-fragile and dainty items like earrings, bracelets or stationery items. 

NEON Packaging’s mini gift bags are available in plain white or kraft brown material with a measurement of 15cmx10cmx7cm. Both variations are made of 110gsm paper and feature fabric rope handles. 

Do not underestimate our mini gift paper bags despite their cute size. It is durable enough to hold confectionary and fashion accessories!

Small Paper Bags

Our small paper bags can fit bigger and more items. This is ideal for food, and fashion products like beanies and scarves. For anniversaries and birthdays, NEON’s small paper bags are ideal for gifting wine and other liquor that is housed in sleek bottles.

Its measurements are 26cm x 35cm x 9cm, making its height ideal for products that are stored in narrow but tall boxes like stationery supplies and snacks. The fabric rope handles make it safe to carry around without breaking apart.

Small businesses can personalise these paper bags by printing customised stickers that contain their logo with NEON’s customised sticker printing service. Choose from our kraft brown paper bags or white small paper bags to fit your business’s aesthetic.

Medium Paper Bags

Now, we move to paper bags that are produced for a wider variety of items - computer keyboards, children’s shoes, towels, and other home decor. Measuring 34cm x 48cm x 9cm, these paper bags have fabric rope handles making them soft and easy to carry. These deluxe and recyclable bags work best for market stalls, department stores, and boutique stores.

The 110 gsm paper ensures that it is thick enough to hold the items without worrying about tears in the bags. NEON’s medium kraft paper bags can fit your brand by adding transparent stickers. Using NEON Packaging’s medium bags can help attract eco-conscious customers because they are recyclable and reusable.

Medium Boutique Paper Bags

If you’re looking for a bag that’s not too big but spacious enough for various items, we highly recommend using the medium boutique paper bag. Our bags can fit puffer jackets, large toys, and coffee table books.

Its landscape shape can accommodate more items and allow you more creative arrangements especially if you use our Acid-free Tissue Paper to make your gift bag more attractive and colourful.

The medium boutique paper bags measure 45cm x 35cm x 12.5cm, making them stable and sturdy bags for products made with heavy and fragile components. These recyclable and biodegradable bags are your gifts and items with a sophisticated presentation.

Large Paper Bags

If you are operating a business that sells apparel, linen, large books, and home decorations like table lamps or figurines, NEON’s large kraft paper bags can fit several items and can accommodate bulk orders.

The large white paper bag measures 31cm x 42cm x 11cm while the large deluxe brown measures 45cm x 50cm x 12.5cm. The large brown bag can also fit small appliances like portable blenders or toasters.

You can pair these large paper bags with our Diamond Protect Hex Wrap to protect your products during transit.


The ideal paper bag size should help you present your gifts and products functionally and aesthetically. The standard criteria show individuals and businesses how to select the best paper bag dimension that will fit their needs.

NEON’S paper bags range from mini to large sizes, ensuring that there is a size that can accommodate orders and various gifting purposes. The sizes are matched to hold different items securely.

Aside from holding items or gifts, these custom paper bags are available for wholesale orders in Australia, making them a cost-effective packaging solution.

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