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Gift Boxes Unboxed: Discovering Their Surprising Advantages

Apr 02, 2024Sean Downs

Many occasions are celebrated annually and usually require gifts. At some point, preparing for the whole gifting experience can become time-consuming. This is why gift boxes became popular. It took away the extra time spent on cutting and folding wrapping papers. 

This blog will discuss the benefits of using magnetic gift boxes.

Exploring the Benefits of Gift Box Packaging

Sets You Apart From Competitors

When you’re selling products that belong to a competitive industry, your product boxes should be able to attract customer’s attention. With gift boxes, you can arrange your items in certain ways that make them engaging to use or consume.

Putting your products in a gift box also differentiates you from rival brands because of its material - recycled paper or cardboard. There are still many companies that use plastic. Opting for a recyclable and reusable box attracts consumers who are conscious about reducing waste.

With NEON Packaging’s customised printing service, you can print your logo or business slogan on the outer and inner sides of our magnetic gift box’s lids. The semi-matte finish coupled with our CMYK full-colour printing gives you a product box that is vibrant and eye-catching.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

If you want people to remember your brand, you must make them feel good through your product presentation. We associate our strong emotions with the factors that cause them. A product that makes people feel happy upon receiving it is more likely to be reordered than a product that makes people apprehensive when they receive it. 

Your packaging helps people feel special about their purchases. They see it as a treat for themselves and not another expense. Reusable magnetic boxes show customers that the product is premium and worth the price. 

NEON’s premium magnetic gift boxes can also be paired with our kraft paper wrapping roll made from 80gsm and 100% recyclable paper. It is the perfect eco-friendly and plastic-free alternative to single-use fill materials.

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Communicates Sincerity and Appreciation

Using magnetic boxes helps you communicate better with customers because it shows that you put effort into using the best packaging for their orders. Furthermore, you can be creative in using product boxes because you can arrange the products in various styles.  A carefully prepared product hamper shows that you care for your customers and want them to receive the products in the best condition. 

Consider leaving a short gratitude note using NEON Packaging’s customisable A6 Note Cards. These cards come in three forms - standard uncoated (120gsm), 100% recycled (150gsm), and premium textured (280gsm). You can choose the best note card that matches your brand’s aesthetic.

Reliable and Durable

Gift boxes are made from materials that withstand movement during shipping and are not as easily torn as other packaging materials. There are also various sizes and colours you can choose from. This makes it easier to choose a box that will best suit your business or event needs.

The premium magnetic gift boxes of NEON gift box packaging have four sizes and 5 colours. Aside from its customisability, it comes with a secure magnetic closure. The magnetic lock keeps your products within the container throughout shipping and delivery.

We also have a packaging material that adds protection to the products inside NEON’s magnetic gift box - the diamond protect hex wrap. It is stretchable with interlocking strips to ensure that your package is securely wrapped.

Cost-Effective And Storage-Efficient

When you order wholesale gift boxes, you reduce the production expenses for each unit therefore increasing savings for you, the manufacturer and the customer. Additionally, brands like NEON Packaging have low minimum order quantities for wholesale gift boxes in Australia, allowing you to order just exactly the number of units you need. 

Our wholesale gift boxes are delivered flat-packed, which makes them easy to organise and store. Storage efficiency is important for warehouses that store various materials. It makes tracking and inventory easier to record. 

Also, NEON offers competitive wholesale pricing for businesses that want to place wholesale orders for magnetic gift boxes.


Using gift boxes has many advantages for business owners and consumers. Startups, retail stores and e-commerce business owners can establish their brands regardless of their customer’s locations. 

The popularity of magnetic gift boxes provides businesses the opportunity to connect better with their consumers. Moreover, their reliability, durability, cost-effectiveness, and storage efficiency make them an indispensable asset for any business. With customizable options and environmentally conscious materials, NEON Packaging offers innovative solutions that enhance the gifting experience while aligning with modern consumer values.

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